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Build Your Own Phone Plan with Virgin Mobile Custom

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Virgin Custom Mobile Gift Pack

As my children get older, I am constantly reevaluating our technological needs. Purchasing the best mobile plans can get frustrating and expensive, if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

I recently learned about the build your own phone plan with Virgin Mobile Custom, and I am loving the customization options. I was sent a fun starter pack with tons of information to get my started. Thought I’d share what I learned with you…

Virgin Custom Mobile Gift Box

Virgin Mobile Custom has something for everyone! The phase I am in with life right now, requires me to have plenty of data, social media, texting (for all those men who are wanting to date me – HAHA), and talking. I work online and on social media, so that is a non-negotiable. I am also a very social person, and a single mother, so I need to be reachable. My kids however, are in a very different place. I’m sure my oldest has some friends with phones, but at nearly age 11, he hasn’t exchanged phone numbers with anyone, so texting isn’t a big deal. I like him to have minimal texting, just so I can text him if I’m out, or if he’s at his dad’s house. He only needs minimal talk time, for when I call to check up on him if I’m running errands or if he’s with a babysitter. The data is probably the biggest deal at his age, because he has some travel time between mom and dad’s house. Having activities and games to play helps that transition a ton. 

Virgin Custom Mobile Plans

With Virgin Mobile Custom, plans start at $6.98 for 20 minutes of talk time and 20 texts, then you add on your own features. Data starts as low as $1.40, 500 texts for $4.50, 250 minutes for $3, and go up from there. You can also add unlimited Facebook for $5, or unlimited social. Another great feature is that this is pay-as-you-go, and you can top up at anytime during the month. I think it is a great idea to allow children to do chores and earn any additional time and texts. If you have additional children, or want to jump in on the action, you can add up to five lines, however you want!

LG Pulse Cell Phone

With free reign of data on his own phone, I get a little nervous for my son’s internet safety, and over usage. Luckily With our new Virgin Mobile Custom LG Pulse phone, there are parental controls that I can have private access to. I can select how and when I want my son to use his phone. I especially love blocking off homework time, to help with the problem of distractions. 

Get building your own phone plan and check out the Virgin Mobile Custom devices, which are available at select Walmart stores and You can also follow Virgin Mobile Custom on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Do you have any problems with spotty reception or dropped calls? I’m looking for a more affordable plan since I’m on a monthly income budget.

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