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Patients Define Plastic Surgery in Their Own Words


Cosmetic Surgery Patients Define Plastic Surgery in Their Own Words

As we age, obviously our bodies don’t look and feel the way they once did. Add childbearing into those years, and the many changes that can occur to the female body, and women could feel insecure about their new figure. Some of us can embrace it better than others, but let’s be honest, most of us look in the mirror and have things we would change. Sometimes those changes can actually cause complications or health concerns, and are necessary to correct. After having 5 babies, 3 c-sections, and weight gain from using food as therapy when my marriage was apparently not improving, I am not completely happy with my body. Some of the things I believe we need to love ourselves regardless, and believe me, there are many things I don’t love about my body, but there are only a couple of things I would actually change when it comes down to it. For example, I have what some women call “twin skin”. Having multiples does not do the belly good. Pair that skin with a 3x c-section scar, and there are irritations. I would LOVE to take care of that problem, in the hopes of stopping any itching AND insecurities.

Because I have contemplated this topic in my own head, many times, I thought some of you might as well. I want to share with you an article where patients define plastic surgery in their own words. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Patients Define Plastic Surgery in Their Own Words

By Jordan Harris

Sharing stories, personal achievements, and lifelong struggles is part of the human experience. Whether you’ve undergone monumental transformations during your life or you’ve chosen to take a more conservative approach to anti-aging treatments, you’ve likely changed the trajectory of your journey after hearing about the potential for leading a happier and more fulfilling life.

Fortunately, the rapidly growing popularity of cosmetic enhancement has provided a larger platform for more stories to be shared, leading to an evolution in the way we think about cosmetic treatments. A little over 10 years ago, I had my first glimpse of the positive impact plastic surgeons can have on people’s lives when my mom’s good friend underwent facelift surgery and a breast lift in Sacramento.

Expecting to meet a new face following the family friend’s recovery, I was pleasantly surprised when I was greeted by a familiar, yet slightly more youthful-looking, woman. Like many patients, my mother’s friend wasn’t interested in looking different. Instead, she wanted to refresh her appearance. The result was fabulous, and it quickly became clear that this first-time plastic surgery patient hadn’t just enhanced her appearance — she had also restored her confidence.   

Recently, I remembered this experience and decided to look for similar stories on RealSelf an online forum where people can describe their procedures, rate doctors, and interact with other users. I wanted to know if more patients were as thrilled with their results as my family friend had been with hers.

Searching for plastic surgeons in Sacramento produced a number of results, so I narrowed it down to my hometown of Folsom, CA, which is just outside of Sacramento. I’ve never been the type of person who could spend hours on Facebook or YouTube, but I couldn’t help but read through countless stories of patients’ expectations and outcomes.

Dr. Christa Clark, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has a RealSelf profile that seems to jump off the screen. With a perfect approval rating of 5 stars based on 40 reviews, Dr. Clark has earned a reputation that would be hard to match, regardless of location.

After reading reviews such as “I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Clark,” and “Dr. Clark is one of a kind,” I knew it was worth digging a little deeper. Not surprisingly, Dr. Clark’s website includes detailed before-and-after photos, comprehensive procedure descriptions, and even a page that explains why patients from the Sacramento area decided to have Dr. Clark perform their procedure.         

One of the most engaging aspects of Dr. Clark’s website is the section where she shares real patient stories. One post in particular, Sarah’s story, covers the patient’s journey from being told as a young girl that she was “big boned” to eventually undergoing a Mommy Makeover.

Sarah’s glowing appearance after surgery is probably the first thing readers will notice, but her fresh outlook and vibrant energy are what make this story worth sharing. “I feel more confident in fulfilling all the roles that I am,” Sarah says. “I am a professional woman, a mom, and a sexy wife! I now have no problem going from mommy mode to wife mode. I am so looking forward to the next chapter of my life as the new me.”

Dr. Clark has clearly mastered her craft to provide benefits that extend far beyond the operating room. Extensive training, widespread experience, and the ability to connect with patients tell only part of the story when it comes to describing Dr. Clark’s continued success. To know the full story, it appears there’s something that can be understood only after meeting the surgeon in person. Fortunately for Dr. Clark, patients are jumping at the opportunity to do just that.

Sarah’s journey, those I read on RealSelf, and the experience that my mother’s friend shared more than 10 years ago illustrate the empowering effect of cosmetic enhancement. From minimally invasive liposuction treatments to cosmetic surgery makeovers that reveal stunning transformations, there’s one consistency between all of the stories I’ve encountered: Patients are defining plastic surgery in their own words.

In the weeks and months that followed our family friend’s surgery, people who hadn’t seen her would tell her how great she looked. More times than not, they would ask if she had changed her hair or recently lost weight. “I’ve been sleeping really well,” she would say with a sparkle in her eye.

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