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2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Make The Kids Happy by Giving The Happy’s For Christmas

Read all about how a happy’s pet could make your child happy this year! Plus read about how the happy’s puppy that I received by Cepia from Mom Select, for review made it on this year’s holiday gift guide.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Make The Kids Happy by Giving The Happys For Christmas
What is more fun then giving your kids a puppy for Christmas? Giving your kid a puppy for Christmas that doesn’t shed, chew or make little “gifts” around the house. If your kids have a puppy on their wish list, you may want to check out the line of puppies from “The Happy’s.”

These adorable little puppies bark, run and play just like a real pup! Each Happy’s comes with a remote control bone that allows you to interact with the puppy and teach him tricks. You can also purchase additional toys and accessories such as the “chase and play” ball that allows you to interact even more. The Happy’s currently have puppies and kittens available for adoption in a variety of colors including the new brightly colored pets (new this season). Be sure to check out all of the happy’s pets available as well as all of their toys and accessories at the Happy’s website.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Make The Kids Happy by Giving The Happys For Christmas

Gift Guide Ratings:
Poor (or Budget for it), Average, Good, Excellent

Availability: Excellent– available at stores nationwide including, Walmart, Target, Toys-r-us and online at Amazon

Price: Good– $19.99 for a pet with included remote control treat. Additional accessories such as the “Chase and Play” Ball are $9.99

Durability: Good– The Happy’s are built for play! We have had a pair of Happy’s puppies at our house for almost a year, and have never had any problems beyond needing new batteries. I often bring them to the preschool class that I teach, and the kids adore them! They get chased, hugged and lots of love and the puppies are just as “happy” as the day they came out of the box.

Interactive Features: Excellent- I love that this is a toy that your child can really and truly interact with, through play. A cool feature about the happy’s pets is that the more your child plays with him, the more more tricks the pet learns! Another interactive feature is the new happy’s app available through the iTunes App Store, or GooglePlay. This fun app allows kids to name and care for their happy’s pet as well as enjoy some other fun pet themed games.

Value For Money- Excellent- I don’t think that you can get much better price for a toy that does as much as the happy’s pets do! It’s has some awesome interactive features that keep it interesting for hours of play, as well as just being an adorable, lovable pet that your kids can’t help but hug. With all of the available accessories at very reasonable prices, this is a toy that has endless fun!

Who I would buy it for: This gift is perfect for preschool aged kids (boys and girls alike). Every child in preschool class just loves the happy’s, and has no problem operating the remote control treat. It would be especially thoughtful for any child who has an interest in pets or loves animals, and would make for one very “happy” child on Christmas morning!

One Clever Housewife reader can enter to win their own Happy’s pet. This giveaway will end at 8am PT on 12/24. To enter, fill out the form below.

Be sure to stay tuned in to the Holiday Gift Guide all season long for more gift ideas, hands-on reviews and giveaway items to gift to your own family and friends.

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