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Losing It With My Laptop: Free Tech Tools To Help With Your New Year’s Weight Loss Goals

Learn about some of the free online tools that I have been using to help me reach my New Year’s Goal to lose weight, and read how the new Inspiron 13 7000 Series 2-in-1 Laptop that I received for review, has made accessing those tools even more efficient!

Over the past few years I have been on a bit of a Weight Loss journey. I hate to even call it that, because it has kind of evolved into something bigger then that, a journey for overall good health and improved fitness. Let me explain…

2 years ago, I made a New Years Resolution to lose 30 lbs by my 30th birthday (which was the following December). With just under one year to accomplish a seemingly impossible task, I knew I needed some help! Because I am kind of DIY girl, and because I didn’t have the time or money to go out and buy any expensive services or equipment, I started by searching out ways to accomplish this on my own. What I found where some amazing, free resources that have greatly helped me on my journey. With the help of these tools, I was able to learn what I was doing wrong in my eating and exercise habits, so that I could work on changing them.

After a lot of hard work, and some help from those useful tools, I was able to accomplish my “lose 30 by 30” goal. It made me feel fantastic to accomplish that, not because of the number on the scale, but because I had become a healthier person.

Now my goals have changed a little, and instead of worrying about loosing weight or inches, I am working on gaining muscle and strength and clean eating to maintain that healthy lifestyle that I worked hard to gain. Its a brand new side of this challenge, meaning that I still need the help of lots of resources to accomplish it. I recently received an Inspiron 13 7000 Intel 2 in 1 Laptop. With its practical design of having all of the laptop plus tablet capabilities in one, I am able to use all of these resources even more efficiently, preparing me for the task at hand!

Because I am so thankful that I was able to find some fantastic resources that helped me on my journey, and because I know how daunting it can be to try and lose weight, I wanted to share what I have learned with those with others looking to do the same. So here are a few of my secret weapons…. free tech tools to help you meet those New Years Health and Weight loss goals:


1. My Fitness Pal– My fitness pal is a free, online food tracking tool. To get started simply create an account and program in your personal goals. The program will then figure out how many calories, grams of protein, sugars and fats you should be eating based off of those goals. Then everyday, enter in the food that you have eaten for the day. I use this to track my calorie intake, but more importantly to track my macros (the amount of proteins, sugars, fats and vitamin content I am eating) to ensure that I am eating a well balanced diet.

I will admit, that logging your food for the entire day can be somewhat tedious. For this reason, I try to jump on my Inspiron 13 first thing in the morning and log my food for the entire day. This gives me a clear food plan for the day, and helps me to allow for a few treats. Using the laptop mode for this makes logging quick and easy! This is because the Inspiron 13 has the easiest keypad I have ever used. The keys are so light and easy to press, while still being spaced well enough apart that you aren’t bumping into other keys as you type. Dell has put a lot of time into testing their keypad and it shows in Inspiron 13. They test commonly used keys for 10 million keystrokes and touch pad buttons 1 million times with no failure. This makes for easy typing, and fast, efficient food logging.

2. YouTube Videos-

Because I don’t have the time or money to go to a gym or see a personal trainer, I have been learning about ways to get a great workout in at home. YouTube is a great way to search for some workout videos or get expert training advice. Right now, I am working on adding some light weight lifting to my routine, so I have been using YouTube to learn new ways to lift and to make sure that I am lifting properly. I love that Inspiron 13 also has the genius feature, “tent mode.” This allows it be propped up, on its tight hinges allowing you to use the touchscreen on a desk or hard surface. This makes it so easy to for me to prop it up next to me while I am working out, so that I can workout right along with the videos. It makes it feel like I have a personal trainer standing right next to me in my living room.

3. Pinterest-

As part of my new healthy lifestyle, I have had to learn how to make healthier meals for myself and my family. Trying to think of healthy meals that my kids will actually eat can be challenging (to say the least). I have found that Pinterest is a great way to help with that! By searching for “clean eating meals” or “healthy meals” I have been able to find some amazing options that fit in my meal plan, and that the kids love!

Searching for these recipes has become a labor that I love! I love that I can access the recipes effortlessly from my Inspiron 13. This is because the screen of the laptop can fold over to turn it into a touchscreen tablet. This way, I can sit down and search for recipes when I have a few spare minutes while watching TV. With its 13.3″ display, and 10-finger capacitive touch, the Inspiron 13 allows me to search, read and zoom in effortlessly and frustration free.

Losing weight and accessing a healthier lifestyle isn’t ever an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work, self discipline and dedication. However, with all of the needed tools and resources literally at my fingertips, I have been able to eliminate many of the obstacles (and excuses) standing in my way. “Search” inside of yourself this New Year and set some goals that will let you “log-in” to your potential!

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