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New App Feature Helps Families Monitor Shared Data Plans

Does your family share a data plan? If so, check out the latest feature from my sponsors at “My Data Manager” App that will help you avoid costly overage charges

In the fast paced world that we live in, it seems like the need for information on the go is a growing necessity. Whether it’s getting directions, checking movie times, using mobile coupons or checking Facebook while waiting to pick the kids up, data on the go happens all the time!

Despite how convenient it is, if you get your monthly wireless bill and find a lot of data overage charges, you may end up cursing technology and wishing to turn back time to 1994. But before you wish for a simpler time where data plans didn’t exist and you checked the newspaper for movie times, check out the newest feature of the “My Data Manager” app.

New App Feature Helps Families Monitor Shared Data Plans
“My Data Manager” is a free app for IPhone and Android users that allows you to monitor the amount of data usage you have used for the month with easy to read graphs. It also allows you to set up timers and has alerts to help you monitor how much time and data you are using at one time and when you close to reaching your monthly limits. This app has been around for a few years and has has earned a 4.6 star rating with over 100,000 reviews.

However its latest feature, available as of November 19, 2014, allows you to track data used through multiple devices over a family shared plan. This means that if your kids have phones or tablets you can link them to your app to monitor everyone’s data together.

New App Feature Helps Families Monitor Shared Data Plans
Using the “My Data Manager” App, you are able to track up to 10 devices on one account, and can track iPhone and Andriod products together on the same account. You can also track how much data was used over wi-fi, shared data and roaming, to help you figure out how you can minimize your data overages.
Android users can even view individual users to pinpoint where all of the data use is coming from.

This revolutionary new feature on an app that has already had proven success, can help families enjoy the benefits of having a shared data plan, without worrying about expensive overage charges. To download the free “My Data Manager” app visit the App Store or Google Play today or view the My Data Manager website for more information.

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