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Share Happiness Your Way: A Sharing Moment With One Of Our Veterans

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Coca-Cola Company for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever had one of those moments where a simple act of kindness turns into a beautiful moment? My son and I recently had one of those moments, that just touched my heart.

About a month ago, my family and I attended our local Veteran’s Day Parade.

Sharing Happiness Your Way: A Sharing Moment With One Of Our Veterans

As my father and grandfather where both Veterans, I love to go and take my kids to the parade every year.

It’s always special to take a moment to thank those who served and to talk my kids about why I am so thankful to those in the military.

Sharing Happiness Your Way: A Sharing Moment With One Of Our Veterans

This year after the parade went to Burger King to get some lunch. Our local restaurant has one of the brand new digital Coca-Cola machines that has a touch screen to let you select all kinds of varieties of your favorite drinks. My 8 year old son loves it!! He volunteers to fill all of our drinks just so he can use the machine.

As we where standing in line to get a drink, an older man was standing at the machine. He was hunched over his cane, had beautiful silver hair, and a hat that read “WWII Veteran.” After a few moments, he let out a sigh of frustration, and said “How do I get just a regular Coca-Cola?”

Without hesitation my son jumped in, before I could say anything and started pressing buttons to get the man his drink. It warmed my heart to see my son, notice this man’s need and jump right in and help. Following my son’s example, I carried the man’s drink to his table and told him I noticed his hat and was thankful for his service. He told that it’s hard for him get out very much these days, but he always tries to make it to the parade.

As he sat down, and I thanked him again, I could tell that the small act of kindness started by my son made a difference in his day. But it also made a difference in my day. The short conversation I had touched my heart to think of him making so much effort to show gratitude for those he served with. Seeing how my son just jumped right in to help, also touched my heart. It made me remember to look out for those who could use some extra kindness and do whatever I can, no matter how insignificant it seems, to help.

This season is always feels like a special time to share a little happiness with those around us. Take a moment this season to look for friends, family neighbors, co-workers and strangers who you could share some happiness with.

During this season, Burger King and Coca-Cola want to remind you to do the same, with their Share Happiness Your Way Campaign. Between now and December 31, they have released special #ShareHappinessYourWay 40oz Cups available at local Burger King Restaurants. They want to use this message to encourage you to do something to share happiness with those around you. As you do this, post a message to Twitter or Instagram showing how you personally spread holiday happiness, using the hashtag #ShareHappinessYourWay . For every post to Twitter or Instagram using that hashtag they will donate $1 to Feeding America, which is enough to give 10 meals to those in need.

This is a great and easy way to get into the holiday spirit by sharing happiness with those around you, while filling the social media world with joyful posts, and helping to feed those in need.

You do not need to purchase the special 40 oz cup to participate, but it is a great way to help you remember, so stop by your local Burger King and share some happiness your way, today.

Check out for more information including donation progress and limits!

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