The Theory of Everything is Moving, Emotional and Funny

The Theory of Everything

Still in theaters is The Theory of Everything. With the holidays here and so many great movie releases, one that I recommend attending at the theater is The Theory of Everything. This movie is different than any other I’ve seen. It is moving, emotional and funny, all wrapped up in one. Going into the movie I had no idea what to expect, or even what the movie was about. I can now say that I have learned so much, and have earned a great respect for the famous physicist, Stephen Hawking. The Theory of Everything follows the relationship between Stephen and his wife, Jane. 

We learn about the persistence of Stephen Hawking, and how he doesn’t let his diagnosis of ALS  keep him down. He keeps pushing on and finding new ways to change the world, all while keeping his sense of humor in tact. Eddie Redmayne is a perfect choice for the role, and does a phenomenal job at playing someone with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. I can only imagine how exhausting that would get, but his performance is flawless. Felicity Jones is endearing and delightful, and is a very strong woman who stays by Stephen’s side through so much trial and heartache. They have children together, and keep pushing on. 

Eventually Stephen and the disease is a little more than Jane can handle, so she seeks support and help from a man at a local church. They fall in love, but Stephen doesn’t seem to blame her. A therapist and help is hired for Stephen, whom he ends up falling in love with. The story of separate relationships is a bit unusual, but Stephen and Jane seem to remain friends, and come together for their children. In the end, all of their needs are somehow met. It is truly a unique story, and among the trial and sadness, there seemed to be moments of humor despite it all.

If you are looking for something deep and real, head out to see The Theory of Everything before it leaves theaters.

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