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Filling My Belly with Good Eats in New Orleans

I have always wanted to go on an eating tour of some big city with great food. I feel like I practically did just that in New Orleans. It wasn’t an official eating tour, but we went to so many fantastic restaurants, that made it feel like we were eating our way through the city. There are some seriously good eats in New Orleans. I do wish we went to more mom and pop type restaurants, because the prices were high where we did go, but boy was everything delish! I can honestly say the food scene is definitely different here, from other big cities. Quite a bit of seafood, but everything had a Southern twist.

New Orleans is famous for their Beignets, and rightfully so! My Free Wheelin’ Bike Tours guide told us to steer away from the traditional Cafe Du Monde and try Morning Call. So much powdered sugar shaken up in a bag of beignets, and it was delightful. We enjoyed them from our bikes, and they were finger lickin’ good. I love the French infused flavors of the city.

You can see the French coming out again with the crepes I enjoyed at Brennan’s. This All of these foods here are from breakfast, believe it or not. Who says you can’t have ice cream and Bananas Foster, or Bread Pudding for breakfast? The top right photo is a thin layer of egg, topped with shrimp and sweet potato strings. I think this dish right here is very different from anything I’ve ever had. New Orleans spin on breakfast right there. Something amazing on the bottom right would be an english muffin topped with poached eggs and crab meat, with two different sauces. Incroyable! One of my favorite treats from the entire week was the apple topped with pecans and a caramel sauce. Yum-O!

Drinking seemed to be HUGE in New Orleans. I am a non-drinker so I found other ways to have fun and enjoy fruity beverages. The International House Hotel, where I stayed, had a bar with one cool bar tender. These tiny little glasses are filled with just flavorings he had come up with, which he then mixes drinks with. There was one that tasted like peanut butter, and was made from bird seed, or something like that. So fun!

A traditional New Orleans dish is Cassoulet and Pork Belly (bottom right and bottom middle photos). This city knows how to do comfort food! That pork belly was something else though. Talk about combining Southern pork belly with a vietnamese twist, hence the peanuts and Asian flavorings.

I am telling you, the flavors and combinations of foods are like no other in New Orleans. It is something one must simply try for themself! Stop and pick up a beignet or gelato on the way!

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