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Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Good Eats in Conejo Valley


A couple of years ago I made a goal to really explore the state I live in. I have always been intrigued by travel, and have quite the list of places I’d like to visit. One day it dawned on me that I live in California, and there is truly so much to be seen and explored here! I have taken my kids on some roadtrips and have traveled up and down the state, but that has only given me a small taste of California. Now to learn more about each area. This Fall I had to opportunity to take part in a FAM trip to the Conejo Valley area. Such a great time, with yummy food and beautiful views. 

Pepperdine University View

I’ve been to Southern California many times, but this was my first visit to Thousand Oaks. My mom grew up just near there, in Simi Valley, which is also where the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is located. We toured the whole area, including a trip to Pepperdine University. Best view of any college I have ever seen! Who wouldn’t love attending school each day, with an ocean view?! Pepperdine had a very cool art gallery with pieces of art done by students, but also some works of art brought in from famous artists. I was equally impressed with the college’s theatre and their performing arts program. Right up my alley. 

Actor Chairs for Bone

We made our way over to Paramount Ranch with the Mayor of Agoura Hills. This was such a cool spot, which is open to the public, but is also used to film many movies and television shows. They happened to be filming Bone Tomahawk that day (starting Kurt Russell, Matthew Fox and Richard Jenkins)!! 

Ronald Reagan Air Force One

My favorite stop in the way of attractions in the valley was by far the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. I’ve got to say that we were all pretty much dreading this stop on the tour. We were tired and the thought of a museum sounded extremely boring. We were so very wrong. I believe this ended up being a favorite for most, if not all of us. Here you have the opportunity to read actual hand written letters by President Reagan, and take a walk through his life as president. There is a room that I found to be very moving and emotional, as you learn walk past faux pieces of the Berlin wall, and learn about the war. Outside of the library sits a real piece of the Berlin wall. Not far from there, Ronald Reagan is buried, with a memorial. We even got to climb aboard the Air Force One from Ronald Reagan’s presidency. So cool!

Crab and shrimp platter

Now for the food in the Conejo Valley. They have some fantastic restaurants and I can truly say that I didn’t taste anything I didn’t enjoy! Here are the restaurants and meals I had while in Conejo Valley:

Breakfast at Harvest Kitchen and Bar at Hyatt Westlake Plaza – one of the most fantastic breakfasts I have probably ever had. Such a great variety of foods, and all seemed so fresh! I especially loved getting the oatmeal brulee, which the chef took a flame to, right in front of me. 

Lunch at Ladyface Ale Companie – great for those who are into beer and ale.

S'mores in a Cup

Lunch at Public School 805 – Tried my first raw ahi tuna tacos here, which were delightful. It was the dessert that really took the stage though! Check out the S’mores in a Cup! This was just one of a couple of fantastic desserts I got to try.

Dinner at The Lab Brewing Co. – Fun atmosphere with live music, flatbreads and more.

The Grill on the Alley

Dinner at The Grill on the Alley – a very delicious and fine dining type of atmosphere here. I had my very first taste of crab and became a lover of seafood on this night. Who knew I could actually enjoy seafood? I am a believer!

So much to check out, do and see in the whole Conejo Valley. If you find yourself in Southern California, definitely check some of these stops out.

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