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A Night of Marvel Universe Live


 Marvel Universe Live

Just what every super hero fan dreams of; getting to see their favorite super hero (or villain) in person. Now you can grant kids and adults alike,  who live for Marvel,  a unique experience with Marvel Universe Live.  Because I’ve got 3 boys who have liked every hero at one time or another (let’s be honest,  their favorite Marvel character is now Loki), I thought attending Marvel Universe Live would make for a special night out.

I’m not sure what I expected when I heard their would be a live show with Marvel characters – I just knew we had to go.  The stunts and special effects blew me away. We got to follow Spider-Man, Wolverine,  Thor,  Iron Man, Captain America,  Black Widow,  and more,  as they fought villains such as Loki. Sure there was some standard stage fighting,  but then there were dirt bike stunts and people falling from scaffolding. Of course,  a Marvel show couldn’t exist without some flying. Let’s just say the entire stage, including air space,  was utilized. 

Marvel Universe Live

I wasn’t able to follow the story super closely,  but I couldn’t take my eyes off of all of the special effects that helped set each scene.  Images and a variety of backdrops were projected on huge screens as well as over the entire stage floor.  This really helped to feel like the characters were taking us somewhere different with each scene. 

The actors aren’t your typical actors – they’ve got some serious stunt skills!  I couldn’t believe how high they were taking some of the dirt bikes. Be sure to warn your kids not to try these stunts at home! 

I took the entire family to Marvel Universe Live,  and I can tell you I didn’t hear a peep from any of the boys,  throughout the show.  The little girl,  on the other hand,  got a bit tired of the fighting and loud explosions. She tends to enjoy shows such as Disney On Ice. I guess super heroes just don’t quite do it for her. Toward the end of the show, Hulk made an appearance, which in turn made the crowd roar. That definitely piqued the little princess’ attention.

To all those who are, or who have Marvel fans,  you’ve got to check out Marvel Universe Live. Tonight was the opening night in Sacramento,  so there is still time for locals to get their tickets. Be sure to check out the tour schedule so you can see when the heroes are flying into your town! 

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