Welcoming Our New Fur Baby: Getting a Home Ready for a New Kitten

Read how we are anticipating the arrival of a new kitten in our home and get some tips on things you can do to make a home kitten-ready. Plus comment with your ideas on a name for our new fur baby!

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This past year has been a tough one for my family and our pets. During this time we have had 3 of our pets (2 cats and 1 chicken) pass away. Pets are a big time part of our family so this has been hard on us all. In our entire 6 years of being a pet family, we have never dealt with the death of a pet before, so this has been a time of heart-ache and learning for us all. Honestly, I think the kids have coped much better with it then me.
Because it has been such a tough time on us, I have been fairly reluctant to even think about adding a new fur baby to our family. However when a friend sent me a picture of the kittens that her cat recently had, who will be needing homes soon, my heart melted. How could I say no? Not only are the kittens sooo cute, but I can also tell that my kids and my surviving older cat have missed having a playful kitten in the home.

So, now we are anxiously awaiting for the time in a week or two when the new kitten we bought from bengal breeders will be old enough to come to our house. While we are waiting, we have been busy getting our home ready for our newest little bundle of joy


Call the Vet:
When getting a new kitten the first thing to do is call your vet to find out when you should bring her in for exams, vaccinations, micro-chipping and spaying/ neutering. When adopting your kitten try to get an accurate birthdate, as this will help your vet establish a timeline for all of these procedures

Set Up a Bed:
Cats are territorial animals, so it can be stressful to them to move to a new home. To help the transition, have a bed set up specifically for the new kitten. If you have kids in your home, help them to understand that this is the kitten’s space to go for “alone time.” If possible, ask the former owner for a blanket or piece of cloth with the kitten’s smell on to place in the bed area to help her feel more secure

Litter Ready;
Even if you plan to allow your kitten to be an outside (or indoor/outdoor) cat, she will need to stay inside exclusively for the first few weeks, to help her get acclimated. During this time especially, you will want to have a liter box set up and ready to go.

In addition to a litter box, I just found a fantastic product, the Liter Genie.

This product helps keep the liter box clean and odor free between cleanings. Simply use the accompanying scoop to remove clumps of used liter and dispose of them in the odor free bagging system of the Liter Genie. This helps the liter to stay fresh and clean at all times! To learn more and to download a $5 off coupon, visit their website today.

Stock up on Supplies
My kids and I recently went to Target to stock up on some essentials for our new kitten! Because we want to make sure our new fur baby is getting a healthy diet after being weened, we picked up a box of Fancy Feast Gourmet Meals. Every can of Fancy Feast is filled with high-quality proteins to help kitten grow healthy and strong.

While there, we noticed a sign at Target advertising a special deal going on now through 4/11/15 (while supplies last), allowing u to get a free cat toy or bag of Friskies Party Treats with the purchase of two boxes of Fancy Feast meals or Liter Genie products, so I let the kids pick out a fun cat toy for our new kitten.
Now we are all ready to welcome our new kitten into our home.

The only thing we have to do still is decide on a name… Any ideas?

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