Cache Stores Closing: Women’s Apparel at Deep Discounts



Let’s face it, many women like to shop. I feel like I am always shopping for new clothes, not necessarily because I want to, but because I’m constantly changing sizes. Please tell me I’m not the only one!! Between clothes hanging in my closet, and stored in boxes, I own 5 different sizes. However, whenever I do lose weight, I like to shop for new clothes to go with my new confidence. I like to have nice quality, great style, and deep discounts. I think I’ve found a way for us women-folk to possibly snag all three things. You see, there are Cache stores closing everywhere, and they are offering women’s apparel at deep discounts. 


Cache is a premium women’s apparel chain

that operates over 150 locations in the US, mostly in malls. They’ve just filed for bankruptcy with one of the chapter 13 bankruptcy law firm, which means it is liquidation time. Sometimes I miss the window between regular sale prices, and those deep discounts liquidators talk about. If we stay on top of the Cache Facebook page then I am hoping we can all snag some sweet deals. Updates and content are constantly being added to their Cache facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. Right now, sales are between 40% and 70% off, but you can also use this Cache coupon for 20% off any purchase of $100 or more. Either print print the coupon and present in store, or pull the coupon up on your phone to be scanned by the cashier when making a purchase.

cache casual look

I’m loving this casual look, and hoping to find some low prices before it’s gone: boyfriend skinny jeans with sheer striped tunic. 

If you’d like to check out the Cache sales going on now, visit the Cache store locator to find one near you. Comment below with the look you’d like to snag on sale.


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