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Healthy Shortcuts with Mott’s Snack & Go Pouches

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Life is hectic – right? If it’s not, then you must either be in denial, or living in a bubble. As a busy mom (and what mom isn’t a busy mom?), it’s a constant balancing act to accomplish all those daily tasks, while providing a healthy, loving and nurturing environment for your children. Sometimes you just have to take a few harmless shortcuts just to “git er done.” I often think of a line from the Hippocratic Oath that states, “First Do No Harm.” That line should be part of the daily mommy code.

I must confess there are times when harmless shortcuts are the order of the day. Who hasn’t fed their kids a bowl of cereal for dinner or handed them a granola bar for breakfast in the car on the way to school? Wet wipes for bathtime or just stick your feet in the tub, run the water and call it good? Overdue book report during baseball season might just call for watching the movie version? While these things are harmless on occasion, I wouldn’t make a habit of it.

I’m grateful there are brands out there that know and understand the hectic aspects of life. I’m grateful I live in a time where modern conveniences help me make wholesome choices for my children.

I must also confess that packing lunches is a dreaded chore in my home. There’s lots of stuff out there now that you can stick in your kid’s lunch, or hand to them for a snack, but many are full of sugar and empty calories. Providing good nutrition is a huge responsibility for moms. And I’m glad I can count on a few things to help me.


One of my kids’ favorites for lunches and snacks is Mott’s® Snack & Go. The pouches fit easily in my kids’ lunch containers; they’re mess free, and don’t require an eating utensil. Each pouch is loaded with Vitamin C and the strawberry and natural flavors contain no added sugar.  

Believe me, if I can find an item that’s packed with excellent nutrition, is easy and mess free, I’m all over it.

Check out Mott’s® Good and Honest Youtube video:

So moms, it’s okay to take those shortcuts. Just ask yourself, “is this harmful, or just a necessary step to ‘git er done’ today?” I’d love to hear some of your harmless shortcuts. I’m sure there are some doozies out there.

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