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Honeymooning in the 2015 Mazda3 i Touring

Mazda3 i Touring

Okay, it has been a little while since I got married, but it is never too late to talk about one’s honeymoon. I previously mentioned traveling to Carmel for a 3-day honeymoon following our wedding. That was before the Mexican Riviera cruise we took a month and a half later. Carmel was a 3-hour drive from where we were living, so we wanted to be able to drive in style, but to also be efficient with our gasoline. Keith’s massive truck definitely wasn’t going to save us a penny, and driving the minivan just didn’t say honeymoon to us. So, we went honeymooning in the 2015 Mazda3 i Touring.

Mazda3 i Touring

For one thing, I am a sucker for red cars, so I scored big with this pretty lady. Didn’t do too shabby with the handsome fella either. There are two things I concern myself with most when it comes to cars and road-tripping: gas mileage and comfort. The Mazda3 scored high in both categories, for me. We averaged 35 MPG on the highway, and up to 40 MPG. Part of what makes a roadtrip comfortable is the cruise control. The Mazda3 i Touring boasts the Mazda Radar Cruise Control, which is unlike any other I have seen. It automatically controls the engine and brakes to maintain a set speed and distance between you and the preceding vehicle. Simply preset the vehicle speed, and the system will maintain that following distance from the preceding vehicle down to 19 miles per hour. How cool is that? I let my new husband drive, and he was impressed. I was able to sit back and just relax, and enjoy the view.

Honeymooning in the Mazda3 i Touring

Because it was just the two of us traveling, I wasn’t too concerned with luggage space, but there was ample room. The car had all of the amenities us newlyweds could need. The option for a navigation system, as well as bluetooth, Pandora and XM Radio. I’m a big fan of satellite radio when going on long drives! The car was smooth to drive, had plenty of leg room, and I even laid the passenger seat back, for a snooze on the ride home. 

If you are in the market for a sweet sedan, then don’t be afraid to take the Mazda3 i Touring for a test drive. You won’t regret it!

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