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Beach Town Dining and Honeymooning in Carmel by the Sea

I can never visit Carmel enough! Such a quiet and quaint town by the West Coast, but what I love about Carmel is that it isn’t the typical grungy beach town. It is so homey, and filled with adorable shops, people walking their dogs, and delicious food. On my latest trip to Carmel by the Sea, the hubs and I were honeymooning and were treated to some delicious beach town dining, and a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Such a relaxing time! While Mundaka is always a favorite (hubby got to try it for the first time), we were surprised with some new places: Anton & Michel and 5th Avenue Deli.

I’m just going to let you read the pictures, to see how much we enjoyed each place on our honeymoon. Perfect way to celebrate our new life together – in Carmel, near the ocean, watching sea animals, and eating our hearts out!

Mundaka Favorites

Spanish Tapas at it’s best. We ordered some of my Mundaka Favorites: Hamburguesa: mini lamb burger, pickled cauliflower, and truffle fries. Croquetas: Applewood smoked bacon,olive, and bechamel (far right, in the black bowl). Datiles: bacon wrapped dates, goat cheese, and almond (holy YUM) – front left. Bravas: fried potatoes, brava sauce, and aioli (I need to learn to make this at home). Plus, we tried something new, a bruschetta of sorts. I always stop at Mundaka when I’m in town – highly recommend it!

Anton & Michel Restaurant

Anton & Michel was new to me, but had some very unique flavors. Service was great, and the atmosphere was very romantic. The menu isn’t overly large, but there is certainly something for everyone. I went with the recommended Spiced Pork Tenderloin. It wasn’t quite my cup of tea because the honey glazed figs on top of the pork, just made for too sweet of a dish. The mushroom risotto was superb, to which I am grateful because the warm red cabbage was very strong. Definitely a dish with a variety of flavors. Hubby went for the Tiger Prawns & Diver Scallops Fricassée. It came with sundried tomatoes, lobster-brandy cream sauce, and crab ravioli. We weren’t sure if this was intended or not, but it was extremely salty. Prices were around $30 for each dish, so for me, I want to REALLY enjoy my meal at those prices. Like I said, Anton & Michel is a very romantic atmosphere and could be a great date night spot, but be sure to ask your server about the flavors of each dish.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Because we couldn’t just eat all day long, we headed over to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is like no other aquarium I’ve been to. This place is huge, and you will see just about everything! My kids aren’t huge on museums, but they definitely stay occupied here. However, this time I got to enjoy walking hand-in-hand with my new hubby, and enjoy the peacefulness of the ocean and the animals. Some seriously cool jellyfish too, right?

5th Avenue Deli

Our last stop before heading home was to the 5th Avenue Deli. I fell in love with this place, and will return time and time again. Whether you want to picnic on the beach, or grab lunch and go, 5th Avenue Deli has it all. Stock up at the soup and salad bar, or try one of the many hand made yummies! Such a wide variety, and you can even purchase picnic baskets for a romantic date. Prices are very reasonable, and everything was to die for!

5th Ave Deli in Carmel

I don’t remember everything we ordered, but the curry chicken salad sandwich I had was such a treat! A great combination of flavors and just simply delish! We took our lunch and ate it on the beach. Perfection!

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