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Easy Tutu Applesauce Wrappers For a Picnic and Nature Walk With My Little Ballerina

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Read how I created a fun a wholesome snack and cute easy Tutu Applesauce Wrappers for my little ballerina, to enjoy on our after-dance class nature walk using supplies I had at home and a Tree-Top Applesauce Pouch. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tree Top.
Easy Tutu Applesauce Wrappers
Wednesdays are one of my favorite days of the week! Wednesday is my daughter’s ballet class. I love helping her get dressed up in her tutu and dance outfit and watching her dance her little heart out with her fellow ballerinas! After class, we always have about an hour free before its time to pick up her big brother from school, so that time has become our “girl’s day out”! I love it because it is special time set aside just for us to go to the park, window shop or even get our nails done on occasion! 
Easy Tutu Applesauce Wrappers

Because today is a beautiful spring-time day, I decided to pack a picnic lunch so that we could spend some time enjoying nature at the duck lake near her dance studio. 
Tree Top Applesauce Pouches
To make it a special lunch for our “girl date” I decided to make a lunch fit for a ballerina! I made some star-shaped sandwiches for my little dancing star, and packed some healthy carrot sticks. I also wanted to add a healthy and tasty snack to rejuvenate her after a hard day of pirouetting so I grabbed a favorite go-to snack, Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches. I love them because I know they are filled with wholesome ingredients and the pouch-design makes it so easy to eat on-the-go! Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches are mess-free, taste great and are made with pure fruit. No spoon? No problem! Pouches are squeezable and fun, making them perfect for on-the-go snacking. 
Tree Top is a grower-owned co-op, deep in the heart of Washington’s apple country. I’d love to just walk through those apple orchards. For more than 50 years, Tree Top has been a trusted brand dedicated to delivering top-quality products and premium ingredients such as juices, smoothies and sauces.
Easy Tutu Applesauce Wrappers
I wanted to make the apple sauce pouch a little bit fancy for my little ballerina, so I created this cute and easy ballerina wrapper for it! It’s perfect for after dance class or even a ballerina themed birthday party! It really made our outdoor lunch something special! 

applesauce wrappers

To create it, I cut a 6 inch x 8 inch piece of pink paper and a 1/2 inch x 8 inch strip of paper using shaped scissors along one of the 8 inch edges. 
 I then glued the 1/2 inch strip along the bottom of the larger paper to create the tutu ruffle.
 Easy Tutu Applesauce Wrappers
For a little embellishment I used hot glue to add a small bow made of white ribbon to the top center of the tutu. I also hot glued two strips of ribbon one inch from the left and right of the bow as straps. I then gently shaped the paper into a cylinder and glued the other end of the straps to the opposite side of the paper.
To finish, I simply wrapped the entire paper around a Tree Top Applesauce pouch and taped it to the back to make a fun wrapper.
The applesauce pouch made a great addition to our fancy outdoor lunch. My daughter loved it! We enjoyed looking at the ducks, especially the cute baby ducklings. As we walked around the lake, we also observed some beautiful spring flowers and plants. I had found a list of plants for kids to find on Kids Gardening, a website dedicated to helping educate kids on nature and gardening. Using the list we where able to observe and identify some of the plants on our nature walk around the lake. 
It was a fun day in nature with my little girl, made even more wholesome by her adorable and healthy applesauce pouch.
I think that nature and Tree-Top are a perfect match which is why Tree Top’s growers are committed to raising good apples, and high quality fruits to create the best products for families to enjoy together. As part of this commitment, Tree Top is teaming up with to help change the world by growing the next generation—one child, one school, one community at a time. For every purchase of Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches, Tree Top will donate a dollar to to help fund community garden projects and raise good apples across the country.
Tree Top also wants to help you enjoy nature with your kids this spring by holding a giveaway for CleverHousewife readers, along with readers from 40 other blogs. Forty winners (from all 40 giveaways) will be selected to receive a gardening set valued at $60. To enter simply fill out the form below to be entered to win! 

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tree Top.

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