Patriotic Floral Fireworks

Patriotic Floral for the front door

You know how I love to decorate for a Holiday – well it’s kind of a dry spell from Easter until the 4th of July, so I like to spice up my front door for what I call The Patriotic Holidays. These Holidays would include Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. Or I guess you could call them the Bank Holidays! After Labor Day we begin to get into the “serious” Holiday decorating, so this is just a little pizzazz to hold me over until then.

Wedding Floral Arrangement

I decided to use a little of what I already had on hand – mainly my cute baskets left from my January wedding. The shape of the basket kind of reminded me of fireworks, so I decided to go with that theme and create a Patriotic floral display that looked like fireworks.  I think I’ll call it “Bombs Bursting In Air.” I love how it looks on my mom’s red door too.

After a visit to the craft store here’s what I came up with.  Be sure to scope out some coupons before you go for supplies.

Patriotic Floral for the front door

I was able to use some of the whites from the original wedding arrangement, a well as the same floral foam and save a few bucks. I also had some left over ribbon from previous arrangements.

How do you decorate for the Patriotic Holidays?

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