Patriotic Twizzlers Flag

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Patriotic Twizzlers Flag

There are some holidays that I have oodles and oodles of decor for, and then there are the ones where I have to rummage through my many tubs, just to find something to stick out. I love decorating for each and every holiday, so I really need to up my game. Because I am a lover of food, I decided to come up with some more ways to decorate with food. That’s where this Patriotic Twizzlers Flag comes in, which is handy for Memorial Day and the 4th of July. Or the entire time in between.

I am a little obsessed with apothecary jars, and think they are such a fun way to dress up any entry table, center piece, buffet table, etc. You can layer different colored beans, a variety of candies, floral picks and so on, for a variety of looks for any time of year. For a fresh Patriotic look, I grabbed one of my solid jars, to create more support for my flag made of Twizzlers Twists. Who doesn’t love cute decor pieces you can eat? My kids were mighty excited, I must say.


I love the versatility of Twizzlers. They are great for car snacking and movie watching as is, but they are also great for crafting and designing. Not to mention the family bag they come in, which reseals!

Patriotic Twizzlers Flag

To create the flag look, or even just to use Patriotic colors, you’ll want to dip the Twizzlers in white chocolate, and white chocolate dyed blue. I think next time I will just dip each piece solidly into each color. This time I only dipped one end into the blue and covered it in glitter sprinkles (to be my flag’s stars). 

Patriotic Twizzlers Flag

You could actually lay each piece of Twizzlers out in the pattern of the flag, and serve on a tray. I wanted to be able to display my Patriotism throughout the week, so in the jar they went.

Patriotic Twizzlers Flag


It’s true, I need to bat little hands away from the jar, to preserve my decor. I reward the kids with a taste, after chores are complete. So far we’re holding up. To finish off the look, I tied a piece of Americana ribbon around the jar, and attached a cute wooden star I stole from my mom. Use extra Twizzlers to fill in any gaps, or to replace ones that get taken out and eaten.

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