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9 Water Park Tips to Make the Most of Your Day

Summer is here and I’m sure many of us will be spending some time near the water. Whether you are boating, splashing by the pool or spending a day of fun at a water park near you, I think it is important to be prepared. My family is heading out for a full day of fun in the sun at a water park this week, and it got me thinking about how we can make the most of our day. Water parks are typically expensive, but can be well worth the money. These 9 Water Park Tips can help you maximize the fun, and most of them apply to any full day by the water.

1. Wear swimsuits underneath clothing, to avoid having to change once you arrive. I prefer wearing womens rashies as swimwear. I would still bring undergarments to change into after your day of fun. I don’t enjoy driving home in a wet swimsuit, but that’s just me.

2. Arrive early so you can scope out a cabana or section of chaise lounge chairs. Having a home base to place your towels, belongings, shoes, etc. can make a big difference. You may also consider a locker of you have valuables, or are concerned about items getting stolen. This can also help with step 3. Arriving early can help beat the long lines that often hit early afternoon.

3. Create a meeting place in case your party/family gets separated on water slides or wave pools. This could be where your belongings are, or on a bridge, base of a slide, or wherever you decide. Just make sure all family members are clear on where that spot is.

4. SUNSCREEN! Don’t let those littles hit the water until they’ve been sprayed and/or lathered with sunscreen. There are so many varieties of sunscreen, so get what will work best for you and yours. I use the Banana Boat® Kids Tear Free Continuous Spray SunscreenTM for the kids. My babies are so fair-skinned and redheaded that I use SPF 50 or higher, and reapply every few hours. Sometimes I will use the same sunscreen for myself and hubby, but there are also times where I use a lower SPF, such as the Banana Boat® UltraMist Protect & Hydrate Sunscreen 2 in 1, SPF 30TM. Whichever you use, apply 15 minutes before getting in the water.

5. Bring your own towels. I use a large canvas bag, specifically for all of our beach towels and sunscreen. When all of the towels and swimsuits are wet and ready to go home, they go back in the back and it all goes straight to the laundry.

6. If you plan to sunbathe or float on the lazy river for much of the time, bring a hat and sunglasses. More of that protection business!

7. Skip the socks and tennis shoes, and go for flip flops or water-resistant sandals. Walking around on the hot concrete can become unbearable, and chew up your feet. It’s also nice to be able to slip something easy on when it’s time to leave the park.

8. Have a plan for snacks and meals. If the park allows it, bring your own cooler with snacks and lunch. Most importantly is to stay hydrated!!! Bring your own water, or buy if you have to. Being in the sun, and in the water can cause dehydration. Drink, drink, drink – water!

9. Make a stop at the restrooms before cutting everyone loose in the water. Check in often with the kids, to offer them restroom breaks.

Most of all, have good, clean, safe fun! My two biggest concerns for long days in the sun, and by the water, are sunscreen and hydration. Stay on top of those two things, and you’re pretty golden. No matter where your summer travels take you, know that you can stop by Walmart and pick up most of your needs, in addition to the Banana Boat® sunscreen that suits you best. Happy swimming!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Banana Boat® . The opinions and text are all mine.


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