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Share Your Hometown Hero for a Chance at Free Cookies

Share Your Hometown Hero for a Chance at Free Cookies"

With Father’s Day just passed, you have probably heard plenty of people talk about their dad, the hero. Well MY dad (and this may sound a tad bit biased), but MY dad is the real deal, and my hometown hero. Let me tell you why I will be submitting my dad’s name to the Mrs Fields’ campaign for the search of hometown heroes. Mrs Fields doesn’t only make delicious cookies, but they are campaigning to find hometown heroes all over, as well as sending oodles of cookies to our heroes in uniform. First, Let me tell you why my dad is my hero.

Share Your Hometown Hero for a Chance at Free Cookies"

In 1984 my dad joined the U.S. Air Force. My family and I traveled all over the world for different assignments. At times we lived near family and friends and at other times we lived halfway across the world from them. My dad would spend months away on deployments to far away places, in dangers that I probably didn’t comprehend at the time. I remember being a little girl when the Gulf War broke out, and  writing a story in my school journal about being worried that my dad would have to go away to war. I remember being a high school girl when the 9/11 attacks happened, writing in my diary about being worried that my dad would have to go away to war. But for the most part, as I’m sure most “military brats” would tell you, military life was pretty good. I got to live and visit places that most people only dream of, meet diverse people and most importantly, gain an understanding of the true cost of freedom.

The last, is the the real reason why my dad is my hero. Growing up in a military family means that you do make certain sacrifices. Moms and  Dads may be deployed for holidays, birthdays and even baby births. Late night shifts may mean that they have to miss school concerts and soccer games. That is the sacrifice that our troops make to keep our country safe and free. However, what my dad taught me, is that what we sacrificed growing up was very little compared to what some men and women give for our freedom.

Share Your Hometown Hero for a Chance at Free Cookies"

My dad retired from the Air Force after 20 years of service, alive and well. But he took every opportunity to teach us that there where many who do not. Whenever we would go on vacations growing up, my dad seemed to be able to find a military cemetery for us to visit. He taught us to stand respectfully and honor those men and women who gave their all for the cause of freedom. We stood on the shores of Normandy, France as he told us about the D-Day missions and the troops who lost their lives that day. He would put up flags for Memorial Day, and always take time to reflect on those who have fallen. This year he took the time to share this with his grandchildren, as he took them with him to place Memorial Day flags around our community to teach another generation about the cost of freedom. 

Because of these and many more examples, my dad taught me what freedoms mean. He taught me to always show support to the troops, who are making daily sacrifices for the cause of freedom, and to show respect and gratitude to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. This is what truly makes my dad a hero to me.

This year Mrs Fields also wants to show their support for our men and women in uniform. As a proud supporter of the USO, Mrs. Fields is donating 25,000 cookies to our heroes in uniform.

Share Your Hometown Hero for a Chance at Free Cookies"

They are also searching for America’s hometown heroes to appear on future boxes of Mrs. Fields® cookies. To share.  go online to Mrs Fields Moments, and enter your hero’s story for a chance to win a year’s supply of cookies for you and your hero. Also, be sure to follow along via the Mrs. Fields Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to read more inspirational hero stories.



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