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Slackline Fun in Grandma’s Pool

How we like to have slackline fun over grandma’s pool. Slackline stunts and all, plus safety tips to avoid injury.
Slackline Over the Pool

Most of summer is spent in my mom’s pool. Now that we have moved back into town with my parents, my kids have discovered they can ride their bikes to Grandma’s house, for a couple of hours if swimming, and make it back in time for dinner. What a life, right? Well, the warm weather is finally beginning, so as a mom, naturally, I do what I can to ensure the kids’ safety before they leave home. That includes helmets for the bike ride, and Banana Boat® sunscreen for the pool time.

Slackline Fun at Grandma's House

I’d like to think we are upping our game with slackline fun at Grandma’s pool this year. The kids were gifted a slackline for Christmas, by my sister and her husband. Sure, we’ve tried it above ground and attached to two trees, but with the warm weather, grandma and grandpa had the idea to put it over the pool. I was a little hesitant due to the cautious mom angst, but so far all is going well. We have rules in place to ensure everyone’s safety.

Banana Boat Sunscreen

1. It is best to be in a swimsuit in case one falls in (or intentionally jumps in).
2. Lather up with Banana Boat® sunscreen (no less than SPF 50 for my fair skinned children).
3. Only 1 person on the slackline at a time.
4. No shaking the slackline from below, while someone is crossing.
5. No jumping off while still close to the pool’s edge.
6. Have fun!

Slackline Flip

Now that the kids are getting more brave in crossing the slackline, they have started learning some tricks. Most of the kids just ease their way over the middle of the pool and jump off. One of my twins, however, has a bit of a fearless bone. After successful front flips off the slackline, he decided to go for a back flip. This boy never ceases to amaze me with his athleticism. his first attempt at a back flip was nearly flawless. He since has learned (the hard way), how imperative it is to get enough height when jumping, and to push off far enough away, to not get caught on the line, mid-flip.

Summer is only beginning so I’m sure many more tricks will be mastered over at Grandma’s house. I see a bright and fun future ahead. Stay tuned to hear of our other upcoming outdoor adventures. For more information on how you and your kiddos can stay protected this summer, visit Banana Boat®.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Banana Boat® . The opinions and text are all mine.


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