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I absolutely love to travel and explore. I love to escape the mundane every day tasks I am faced with at home, and indulge in something new and foreign. It is no joke that nearly every day, I am searching up the next cool place I want to visit. I don’t have endless travel funds like I wish, but with thanks to my husband, Keith, we have travel made easier with the Discover It Miles credit card.

Cabo San Lucas

The hubs and I have made a deal that we would always tuck some of our earnings into savings, and another chunk into a travel fund. We both believe travel is important, so we are doing what we can to make it happen. I also talked Keith into letting us use his Discover It Miles credit card, for any travel costs (for pleasure – not business). We try to use his Discover card for a lot of our purchases, pay it off monthly, and just watch the rewards accrue.

Puerto Vallarta


What is even better about the Discover It Miles card is that you can fly any airline any time. You can buy a ticket and use Miles to credit your statement. Earn 1.5x miles for every dollar spent on purchases, and you receive an annual credit up to $30 for in-flight Wi-Fi charges. I can’t live without my Wi-Fi so I love the credit for this! Now something you might wonder when it’s time to open up a new credit card is whether or not there are fees. For the Discover It Miles card, there are zero annual fees and no foreign transaction fees. Because I love to travel internationally the zero foreign transaction fees is a huge bonus. When I went to Europe last year I didn’t know about this card and we had fees for everything. Never again!


If you are like me and are racking up skymiles with whatever airline you travel most (for me, it’s all of them due to business), then you have other uses for the Discover It Miles. Discover it Miles cardmembers can redeem miles at any amount for cash, or as a statement credit toward their travel purchases, including commercial airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, commuter transportation and taxicabs. Head over to Discover and check out the possible rewards! Either way, the card can help you with your travel expenses, and that makes me a happy woman. As an introductory offer, Discover it Miles cardmembers will now receive double the amount of miles they’ve earned at the end of their first year – with no spending cap.

Benefits can also differ from country to country, this Australian site compares the rates, fees and rewards to make your travel stress free.

So, where will we travel next? Keith and I are having a friendly debate on the matter. Perhaps you can help us settle this. Italy or Australia? I hear Italy is the best place to go for food, but Australia and New Zealand has the beaches, Opera House, etc. However, I hear Australia’s bugs are HUGE! Which location do yo choose for us?

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