8 Travel Bag Must-Haves

8 Travel Bag Must-Haves

With as much traveling as I do each year, I have learned a few tips along the way. Between going through security, riding the subway and walking on crowded streets in busy cities, I have learned how to pack an efficient purse. My business trips are usually jam packed, which means I can’t get to a drug store to get any items I didn’t bring. Packing those essentials is key. Allow me to show you my travel bag must-haves, that make my trips a little easier.

1. ID (a given) and multiple forms of payment. I like to have a credit card on hand for any expensive emergencies, and cash for unexpected expenses (taxi, tips, etc.). 

2. Pain reliever. I am somewhat prone to headaches, and you never know when you might need some tylenol or ibuprofen. This has been a life saver at times. 

3. Chapstick and/or lip gloss. Whether I am traveling to a dry climate or it’s just the lack of moisture in an airplane, I always seem to get dry lips. I like to have lip care at hand at all times. I have also learned that a dab of carmex or vaseline on the nostrils can help prevent catching germs on a plane.

Tampax Pocket Pearl

4. Tampax Pocket Pearl. My periods are so irregular that I never really know when I’m going to start. Very frustrating, but thankfully there are now products small enough that I can stick them in my small travel bag, and be prepared at a moment’s notice. I usually pick up a box of Tampax Pocket Pearl while on one of my regular Target runs. I seriously feel like I get full size protection (available in all sizes), but in a pocket size applicator. So discreet and can be tucked away in the smallest of travel bags.

Tampax Pocket Pearl Sale at Target

As an added bonus, the Tampax Pocket Pearl is on sale at Target, for $6.99 per box, and if you purchase three boxes, you get a free Venus Embrace Teen Razor! If you have Cartwheel, you can also save an extra 5% on Tampax Pocket Pearl. Score!

5. My phone. The phone is a given, but it’s something you need to account for when picking a bag, because you need something big enough to securely hold your phone. My phone is my lifeline and my camera, so it is super important to me on trips.

6. Sunglasses – because there will likely be sun wherever your travels take you.

7. A pen, to jot down any notes or directions. For emergencies really, and let’s face it, our trusty cell phones do die sometimes.

Dooney & Bourke Crossbody Bag

8. A cross-body purse. For my travel bag, I prefer a smaller cross-body bag (my Dooney and Burke) that is light and easy to maneuver. I take all types of trips, and I feel more secure with a cross-body bag because they are harder to nab in crowded areas. I also prefer something small in size, so I don’t feel weighed down after a lot of walking. My bag also has a zipper, so I can hold everything in and not worry about anything falling out, or being stolen. As long as it fits my essentials, and I can secure it to my body, I am good to go!


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