Back To School Shopping Made Easy

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School List Assist

The time is upon us where we need to stock up on back-to-school supplies. This comes around every year, and I rarely feel ready for it. Our school doesn’t hand out a school supply list, which makes shopping even more frustrating. I typically take all 4 kids to Target and roam the aisles until the kids have grabbed everything they “think” they need. If you have done this with your kids then I’m sure you can empathize with how done I am with this method. I’m going to show you back-to-school shopping made easy with Target’s School List Assist.

Back to School Shopping Made Easy

If you are fortunate enough to have a detailed school list for your classroom, then this shopping method will be an absolute breeze for you! If you don’t have a list, then I highly recommend making your own list based on what you’ve needed in years past, and what supplies are depleted in your household.

Back to School Shopping made Easy

With the School List Assist, you can do all of your BTS shopping online, and opt to either pick your order up in-store, or to have it shipped directly to you. All of Target’s Back-to-School items are in one area, and you can search by category. No more aisle hunting!! As you can see from above, the current promotions are also listed with the items, so you can still score good deals.

If you have the Target Red Card then you can also save 5% on your entire purchase. If you are a Cartwheel user, then search school supplies and you will see all kinds of savings from 5%-20% on select items. With 4 kids to shop for, I am all about saving in any way I can.

Back to School Shopping Made Easy

For all of the necessities that don’t require the children’s opinion, this online shopping truly makes back-to-school a breeze. If you need to purchase new backpacks or decorative folders, and what not, then bring one child over to the computer at a time and let them pick out a style that suits their taste. For backpack shopping, I just took the kids in-store and we picked one out together.

No more dreading back-to-school shopping with the School List Assist by Target! Sit down one evening and crank it out – it’s painless!

Target makes going back to school easy.

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