How to Create a Road Trip Playlist the Entire Family Will Love

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How to Create a Road Trip Playlist the Entire Family Will Love

Summer is in full swing around our house, and that means a lot of time in the car, going on beach trips, heading to the river, camping trips, day trips and just making the most of summer “freedom days”. Because my kids and I are all music lovers, our favorite way to pass the time on a road trip is to just turn on some music and sing along. Allow me to give you some tips on creating a road trip playlist the whole family will love.

We love listening to our local pop radio station. Every summer I also like to compile a “summer playlist” on my phone of some of our favorite hits of the year, as well as some older songs, and classics (to help my kids be eclectic music lovers). I love that my car has entertainment options that allow me to play all of these options easily, giving us great music diversity for long road-trips.

How to Create a Road Trip Playlist the Entire Family Will Love

Creating a playlist that will please everyone in the car, isn’t always the easiest task. Because everyone has such different tastes and preferences I have had to get creative a few times to keep everyone in the car happy with my music choices. Here are a few things that I do to create a road trip playlist that everyone in the car will love!

  • Keep the music kid-appropriate by adding songs that are clean enough for even the littlest ears riding along in the car, but popular enough for the whole family to love. To do this, check out music lyrics online and look for songs that are edited if needed.
  • Get input from family members by asking for the titles of a few of their favorite songs and add them to the playlist. If everyone has a few favorites added to the mix, everyone has a song or two that they are looking forward to on the playlist.
  • Consider making a theme for your playlist and having each song fit somehow into that theme. Theme ideas could be: summer, driving, the beach, mountains, or even just a specific random word that has to be included somewhere in the song. Make family members guess the theme and give out a prize to whoever guesses it first.
  • Don’t be afraid to add some “oldies” to your playlist! I have found that my kids love a few classic songs thrown into the mix. The kids feel like it’s fresh new music, and I love that they are gaining some appreciation for classic tunes!
  • Give your playlist a fun title to let the kids know that it’s something special that you put together just for this road-trip. With a title like “Best Road trip EVER music” the kids will be more excited to listen to it, and have a good attitude about the music that you selected.

With the kids in the car, a tank full of gas, and a hot summer playlist you are ready to hit the road for the beach, the mountains or wherever else this summer takes you and your family! And Chevrolet has the ideal vehicle to take you all there. With spacious seating, ample cargo space and available safety and entertainment technologies, there’s no better vehicle to bring the family together than the Chevrolet Traverse.

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