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Ice Cold Party Games For a Summer Grill Party

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Ball Park. The opinions and text are all mine.
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Summer time is made for parties and family gatherings. Nothing says summer like gathering around the grill with friends and family, a Ball Park Park’s Finest hot dog and cool drink in hand, with kids making the most of extra daylight hours by running around with cousins and friends. Let me show you how to spice up the fun with some ice cold party games for a Summer Grill Party!

Chilly Party Games for a Summer Grill Party

Last night was one of those kind of nights in our house. We had family over to celebrate my hubby’s birthday and enjoy some time together. When we get together for parties, our kids love to get everyone involved in silly party games. It’s a fun way to break the ice, and get everyone up (and out their comfort zone) a little bit.

Because yesterday was a hot Northern California day, I decided to plan a few party games that would “chill” everyone out for a relaxing party. These party games did the trick! They both took very little prep time, and the kids loved them! My kids are still laughing about them today!

Chilly Party Games for a Summer Grill Party

• Frozen T-Shirt Contest: To prepare gather enough old t-shirts for all of the players (I used my hubby’s old shirts since it was his party). Get each t-shirt wet and wring out the excess water. Ball up the damp t-shirts and put in the freezer for at least 2-3 hours. Remove when frozen, right before playing. To play, give each player a frozen t-shirt, after you say “go” the first player to successfully unwrap and wear the frozen t-shirt wins!

Chilly Party Games for a Summer Grill Party

• Chilly Bunnies: This is a cool summer version of the classic party game “chubby bunnies.” To prepare you will need a bowl of ice cubes, a ladle or spoon and a cup for each player. To play, start by spooning 1 ice-cube into each player’s cup. Each player takes a turn putting the ice-cube in their mouth and saying “chilly bunny.” After each round 1 ice-cube gets added until players can no longer add any ice-cubes to their mouths. (Note be sure to make ice-cubes don’t present a chocking hazard.)

The games where a big hit with the kids in our family (and the grown-ups who where entertained watching them). The rest of the night was spent with good food, good company a lot of good laughs… Just the way a summer party should be!

Chilly Party Games for a Summer Grill Party

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