Date Night at Red Robin

Date Night at Red Robin

After days of playing chauffeur to 4 kiddos, and the hubby working hard, we were so due for a date night this weekend. We had recently taken the family to Red Robin, which is a family favorite, but we thought why not go for a date night? We just brought the old 1967 Nova up from hubby’s garage, so it was time for some fun! We like to play things a little differently when we have a date, versus taking the family out. The many menu options at Red Robin accommodate the change-up. Here is how we like to play date night at Red Robin…

Date Night at Red Robin

My husband and I love onion rings, but most of our kids could do without the onions. So, we stopped ordering the towering onion rings. So sad, right? Well, not too long ago I learned that Red Robin offers The O-Ring Shorty, which is a shorter version of the tower. It’s perfect for date night! Just as a side note, they offer the Towering Doh! Ring (incredible, by the way) in a Doh! Ring Shorty option as well.

Date Night at Red Robin

When taking the entire family out, we often skip the beverages just because our bill is already going to be up there. On date night, we go right ahead and order up a Freckled Lemonade and my favorite – the Hawaiian Heart Throb. What is a date without sharing a drink with two straws?

The Burnin' Love Burger at Red Robin

For the main meal, we play things similarly as we do for family night out. However, I found the service to be just right for our needs. We like to sit close (side-by-side) in a booth, when it’s just the two of us. The servers always sense the more intimate setting, and quietly make sure our needs are always taken care of. When we have the kids with us, it takes less subtleties to get our attention – and the Red Robin staff always seem to get it right, no matter the occasion. 

Whiskey River BBQ Burger at Red Robin

For this visit, I ordered the Whiskey River BBQ Burger, and hubby got the Burnin’ Love. Both turned out great, and because we love the fries so much, we always have them get another basket of fries going right away. Gotta love the bottomless fries! Mmmm!

Mile High Mudd Pie for Date Night at Red Robin

Now, lest you think we totally oinked out (which may be true), we had eaten low cal all day, and decided to splurge for our little time away. But honestly, we couldn’t help but order the Mile High Mudd Pie! I hadn’t ordered it for ages. We did get it in a to-go container so we could have a couple of bites, and then take the rest home to the kids. It worked out perfectly. 

So, whether you’re taking the family out, or heading out for date night, Red Robin is always a good call. We never go wrong here. And don’t forget, you get a free birthday burger when you sign up for Red Robin Royalty

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  • I love the photo bombs behind you. One looks like what you’re thinkin of, the other looks like she’s sniffing your hubs hair. Fun night!

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