Finding a Home Where You Can Be You

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What makes your home Truli Home? Enter to win $25K

Have you ever lived somewhere that just didn’t feel like home? It’s not a fun feeling, that’s for sure. Granted, I believe home is where the heart is, and we should be able to make wherever our family is, home. However, some homes fit just right, while others don’t. Trulia is all about finding a home where you can be you, and that is something I can get on board with. 

After my divorce, I knew the kids and I needed a fresh start, so we moved to a new home in a town not too far away. The home was just right and just what we needed for that time in our lives. Then I met my husband, we got married and he joined me in the home I was already living in. It was fine, but it didn’t feel like ours. Plus, we were just renting. So, we immediately began the hunt for a house we could call our home.

What makes your home Truli Home? Enter to win $25K

Trulia has always been a website I’ve turned to to look up home values, but I recently learned that they also offer a means to buy, sell or find a rental. I had no idea! Trulia, your online destination for all real estate listings and rental properties, makes finding that place to call home easy. Now they want to hear the wild, weird, absurdly authentic stories about what people do at home. Some of your favorite YouTube personalities are kicking off the sharing with unforgettable confessional videos. Not only that, site visitors can enter to win a whopping $25,000 prize by simply entering their email address, which would help anyone feel Truli Home.

Let’s hear it – do you always use the hallway as a runway for a family fashion show (my teenage years)? Does everyone slip into their PJ’s and have a big dance party before bed? Perhaps you have ultimate fighting in your family room every Friday night (that’s what my brothers always did). A frequent thing we did in my house, growing up, was play hide’n-go-seek in the dark! Trulia wants to hear it! Because I’m sure we all have crazy stories, I’d love to hear yours! Comment on this post with what crazy things you do in your home, and then head over and enter to win that $25K for calling yours #TruliHome. 

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