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Fruttare Fruit Bars for a Refreshing Treat

Fruttare Fruit Bars for a Refreshing Treat

There are times I find myself with a bad habit of feeling like we need a rich dessert every night. I have a major sweet tooth, and sometimes it gets me into trouble when I’m trying to eat healthy. Let’s be honest, it frequently gets me into trouble. I love to bake, but with our hot summer days, and the high fat content that many baked goods have, it just doesn’t work for me all the time. So what do I do when the kids or I have a hankering for something sweet and delicious? We turn to Fruttare® Fruit Bars for a Refreshing Treat.

Fruttare Fruit Bars for a Refreshing Treat

Much of our summer has been spent at grandma’s house, and in grandma’s pool. I don’t usually get in the water, but work or visit with my mom while the kids swim and play. This can make us mighty warm, so we usually need something to keep us cool. Whether we are needing a cool snack, or we’ve just finished pool-time and dinner, we all head outside and sit around eating our fruit bars.


Just a few things I like about Fruttare® Fruit Bars:

  • They are low calorie, ranging from 60-120 calories per bar.
  • Each bar is made with REAL fruit and juice (some bars are made with milk instead of juice).
  • With the Mango flavor at just 11 grams of sugar per bar, with some of that sugar coming from the fruit, I don’t think it’s anything to feel guilty about consuming every so often.

Fruttare Fruit Bars for a Refreshing Treat

The Fruttare® brand, inspired by a positive outlook on life, offers nine deliciously refreshing frozen fruit bar flavors. The great thing about each flavor is that you can count on Fruttare® using real fruit in each variety. You can actually see the fruit chunks in many of the flavors, but for this week’s dessert we opted for Mango, which is a nice creamy pureed version of the fruit. You can definitely taste the mango! It was a little strong in flavor for some of the kids, but the rest of us appreciated how fruity it was. 

Choose from the following flavors:

  • Fruttare® Strawberry
  • Fruttare® Mango
  • Fruttare® Coconut and Milk
  • Fruttare® Black Cherry 
  • Fruttare® Banana and Milk 
  • Fruttare® Pineapple 
  • Fruttare® Strawberry and Milk
  • Fruttare® Lime
  • Fruttare® Strawberry and Milk and Fruttare® Mixed Berry and Milk combo pack

Fruttare Fruit Bars for a Refreshing Treat

You really can’t go wrong with any of the Fruttare® Fruit Bars, for a light refreshing treat, especially on a hot summer day. These are definitely a dessert that one needn’t feel guilty about consuming.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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