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Fun Family Dining Activities at Red Robin

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Red Robin. All opinions are 100% mine.

Fun Family Dining Activities at Red Robin

It’s no secret that I like to eat out. To have someone else prepare a delicious meal, clean up after me and the kids, and to serve me and keep my beverage refilled, is a nice way to kick back. The kids don’t always get to dine out with the husband and me, but they certainly have their favorite places. Among their top two favorite restaurants is Red Robin. This has always been a favorite, but with recent restaurant changes, we now have even more fun family dining activities at Red Robin!

Fun Family Dining Activities

So, what makes dining more fun at Red Robin, than some other restaurants?  With recent changes, my local restaurant now has a giant chalkboard in the waiting area. The kids just go to town drawing and writing while we wait to be seated. Then once we sit, we come up with activities to engage the kids while we wait for our food. We also have fun with the mustaches and goofy faces that go on the straws. We first came up with these activities during a Red Robin visit, because of the vast amount of fun and unique photos and the ambience. 

1. Play telephone. Each member of the family takes turns coming up with a silly phrase, and we pass the message along by whispering in the next person’s ear. It’s fun to see how the message gets twisted.

Fun Family Dining Activities at Red Robin

2. Play I Spy. Those unique photos make I Spy a lot of fun, because there are so many different things you can spot! Some are quite funny too.

3. Play memory. Have everyone study the table for a moment, then take turns removing an item from the table. Everyone closes their eyes while one person removes an item from the table. They open up and have to guess what is missing.

Red Robin Kids Meals

Now that you’ve got some activities to keep you busy while you wait for the food, let’s talk Red Robin goodness. When it comes to the family, Red Robin has a great variety of menu options. The kids’ menu has expanded to have small bites and larger bites, depending on the appetite of your child. This is perfect for my crew because my three younger kids don’t eat a lot, but my 11 year old is at that stage between kids’ meal and adult menu choices. The big bites are just right for him.

Fun Family Dining Activities at Red Robin

Aside from the food and the fun, the customer service is always fantastic. The servers and staff are all so very attentive and willing to make sure everything is just right. One of my favorite parts – get a free birthday burger when you sign up for Red Robin Royalty! You can also earn a free burger after every 9 burgers purchased.

What are your fun family dining activities, to keep everyone calm and collected while waiting for food?

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