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Swiffer Fanatics

As the “Clever Housewife” I have been asked to be a part of a very cool team over the course of the next year. To bring you cleaning tips, help around your home, more joy with your loved ones, and ultimately, the Swiffer Effect, I am one of the Swiffer Fanatics! The Swiffer team brought a handful of bloggers to Cincinnati to get a full immersion experience, and I’m excited to share with you how I have been swept away by Swiffer. 

I will admit that I haven’t always been a big Swiffer user, but that was due to lack of education. I can honestly say that after learning what the Swiffer brand stands for, and how their products compare to the store brand, or to other “like” products, I am sold! I cannot imagine dusting with anything other than the Swiffer Duster now.

Testing a Variety of Dusters and Why Swiffer is Better!

While in Cincinnati, at the P&G headquarters, I got to sit in classes where we tested a variety of dusting products, and learned what makes Swiffer better. For many of their products, they have a coating that is patented, which other brands can’t mimic. I’ve seen them in action and it works!

Swiffer Fanatics Scavenger Hunt

We also participated in a scavenger hunt that divided us into teams and took us around town, and led us to very special deliveries of the infamous Green Box. It was so much fun to brighten someone’s day, unexpectedly. Allow me to walk you through my group’s scavenger hunt, so you too can see some of the good Swiffer is doing.

Our first task was to visit a couple of moms who thought they were being paid for a focus group. We showed up with two big green boxes and gifted them a handful of new Swiffer products, showed them how to use them, and gave them the gift of time. Their study was cut short and they were free to leave, Swiffer products and pay in hand. 

Swiffer and the Dog Park

Then we headed to Washington Dog Park where we met a sweet lady and her pup, Lady. We presented her with a green box, and gave her the Swiffer Effect – showing her how cleaning up her pup’s dog hair could be even easier, allowing her more time for snuggles and puppy kisses. 

Before making our own music video (where I admittedly broke out in rap), on behalf of Swiffer, we visited with the local Habitat for Humanity community. We learned about their efforts in the community, what P&G does to help, and then we got to gift a family with the box of Swiffer products. A wonderful single mother and her kiddos will be receiving their Habitat for Humanity home in a few weeks, so we made a video to present them with the box when they get their new home. It was such a special experience.

Swiffer and Habitat for Humanity

As you can see, I got to experience some truly neat experiences where we made people’s day, all day long, and were able to gift people with time. Cleaning is made easier and quicker with Swiffer, allowing people to spend more time doing the things they love. I truly have been swept away by Swiffer, and can’t wait to share my experiences throughout the year.


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