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Alpo Meal Helpers to Enhance Your Pup’s Meal

Alpo Meal Helpers to Enhance Your Pup's Meal

Pets are so important in our lives. With the recent fires here in Northern California there was a lot of concern, worry and effort over the rescue and care of those pets who depend on us humans. Humanitarian aid is in full force to help those in need. Animal rescue and care is also underway.

Alpo Meal Helpers to Enhance Your Pup's Meal

The perfect place to shop for those who want to donate is at Dollar General. You can find Purina’s new Alpo Meal Helper there, not only for your own pet, but for those who might be sheltering displaced dogs. It’s one thing to find shelter for yourself, but finding the right place for your dogs is another. And those pooches would surely appreciate the great taste of Alpo Meal Helpers! These tasty packets add flavor and nutrition to your dog’s regular dog food.

Alpo Meal Helpers to Enhance Your Pup's Meal

If your dog is finicky about dry dog food, then Alpo Meal Helper will add taste & excitement to their regular dry dog food. And most importantly it’s less messy & offers more convenience than wet.
It’s a no mess mealtime mixer- just mix in with your dog dry food! Each serving comes in a convenient 4oz pouch (4 to a box) and is made with either real beef or chicken. The pouch replaces approximately 3/4 of a cup of dry kibble, so adjust the amount you use according to the size of your dog. Since I have little 10 lb critters, I will use less.

Alpo Meal Helpers to Enhance Your Pup's Meal

Dollar General is the perfect place to shop for new products you want to try, giving you a great bargain while introducing a new dog food to your precious pet. I had a great time watching Chloe and Lucy’s reaction. They get bored with their regular dry kibble, so they were both more than eager to dig right in to the Alpo Meal Helper. Can I just tell you how very bored they get? So bored that Chloe jumped onto a kitchen chair, then onto the kitchen desk where the doggie treats are stored in a glass jar. Needless to say – jar is broken and half the chewy treats are gone, and little dog has a fat belly. Lots of walks are on the agenda. I do believe Dollar General Alpo Products might be the cure to the dry kibble blues.

For added fun, share a photo on Instagram of your dog enjoying the new product and challenge your friends to submit one as well ( with #alpomealhelpers). The photo with the most shares will win an Alpo prize pack with a coupon for a free Alpo Meal Helper & Alpo biscuits plus a $100 DG gift card. Happy sharing!

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