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Ringling Bros On the Road Again


The Ringling Bros is on the Road

The Greatest Show On Earth is making the rounds to Northern California, once again. Tonight was opening night for the Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey circus, in Sacramento. I figured what better way to spend an evening on the valley than to dine at a Farm to Fork Restaurant during restaurant week, and finish it off with the circus!

The Ringling Bros is on the Road

This was only my second time ever to attend the circus, and I’ve learned quite a bit. It is always expanding and adding new acts. We were all in awe of how much was always going on. If you get tired of one act, no worries because there is something different on it’s heels, or going on at the same time.

The Ringling Bros is on the Road

This year, the Ringling Bros brought back our favorite act comprised of several men, scaffolding and two large trampolines. The air they catch and stunts they perform are just incredible.

The Ringling Bros is on the Road

On it’s heels this time was an all new BMX and Parkour act. My boys were most looking forward to these new additions. I had hoped for a bit more Parkour, but the BMX was pretty sweet.

The Ringling Bros is on the Road

As always, the aerial acts are quite impressive. My eyes remain glued on the twists and turns, and walks on tightropes, all completed in the air. The only difficulty was trying to decide which talented acrobat to watch. Like I said, so much talent at one time.

A couple of other random things I learned about the circus:

  • The ringmaster’s coat is comprised of 1 million rhinestones. They didn’t just want the first row to see the sparkles, but everyone up to the back row of the arena.

The Ringling Bros is on the Road

  • The Ringling Bros is phasing out the elephants.
  • A young woman still gets shot out of a cannon (and I still want to know how).
  • The circus is full of what I deem as brave and talented persons.

Looking for something entertaining for the family? Grab your circus tickets before the show leaves Sacramento. You have until Sunday, 9/20/15. 

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