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Sacramento’s Farm to Fork Restaurant Week


Farm to Fork Restaurant Week in Sacramento Valley

Living in a state where there is an abundance of fresh foods, I decided to take the opportunity to participate in Sacramento’s Farm to Fork Restaurant week, sponsored by Lexus. I love the agriculture area in which I live, where farmers sell fresh produce on the street corners, and the foreground for my sunsets are rice fields. It has been fun to discover the local gems that celebrate food by purchasing and cooking from local farmers.

Lexus IS 350 F Sport

To kick off Farm to Fork week, I was loaned the Lexus IS 350 F Sport, to arrive at my restaurant of choice in style. This is one smooth ride with 306 horsepower and 8 speed automatic transmission. It handles corners so nicely, and really has “go” power. The IS 350 F Sport is excellent for the adrenaline junkie, which I can be at times. The kids and I like to hit the gas and head for the railroad tracks where we feel as though we are catching a little air. All within the speed limit of course. One would think that all this power would greatly affect the MPG, but the IS 350 F Sport boasts 28 MPG on the highway. 

Sacramento's Farm to Fork Restaurant Week

We didn’t have far to drive for our Farm to Fork experience, because I chose to eat really local at the Dancing Tomato Caffe, right here in Yuba City. It was super fun to show up in our Lexus, but even better was the incredible meal my family and I were treated to.

J Heier Farms Sutter Buttes Blackberries

I got to visit with not only the owner of the Dancing Tomato Caffe, but also the local blackberry farmer, John Heier, who provides berries for a few of the restaurant’s dishes. It was so fun visiting with the two of them, and learning more about the partnership between farmer and restaurant owner.

Green Sharlene Salad at Dancing Tomato Caffe

To top it off, J Heier’s blackberries were beyond amazing! Unlike most blackberries I’ve purchased from the store, these local berries weren’t tart, and provided great taste in the Green Sharlene Salad and fresh Blackberry Cobbler.

Chicken and Local Mushroom Risotto from Dancing Tomato Caffe

To keep with the Farm to Fork theme, we chose entrees and appetizers that showcased what the Dancing Tomato Caffe receives from our local farms, this time of year. In addition to the salad and cobbler the table had, I ordered Chicken and Local Mushroom Risotto. Sacramento’s Farm to Fork is huge for rice growers of all varieties, as our valley is known for rice production. I hadn’t ever thought about what rice restaurants use in their dishes, but it was so fun knowing the risotto was grown locally. It was extremely delicious, and I may or may not have moaned a little with every bite.

Tomato Mozzarella for Sacramento's Farm to Fork Restaurant Week

Because of our hot summer, local tomatoes are still available, so we just had to start our meal with Tomato Mozzarella. It did not disappoint. I took a slice of french bread, layered with creamy mozzarella and a fat slice of tomato, and topped it off with housemade pesto. Simply incredible! I think I could eat their pesto by the spoonful.

Fresh and Local Blackberry Cobbler from Dancing Tomato Caffe

Obviously I would recommend a visit to the Dancing Tomato Caffe any day, but be sure to stop on by while Restaurant Week is still on, thru 9/27. Perhaps you can also stop by your nearest Lexus dealer and take the IS 350 F Sport for a spin, too. I guarantee it’ll be a fun evening!

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