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Fall Treats for Leaf Peeping

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Fall Treats for Leaf Peeping

I have been so eager for fall to come that I just spent the past eight days chasing the leaves in New England. Peak season seems to be coming on a tad late this year, but everything was still beautiful. We drove from city to city and state to state while enjoying our leaf peeping with some yummy fall treats from Target. I have so much to share about my trip, but for now I am going to touch on our road trip snacking.

Pumpkin Spice Monster Trail Mix

Every road trip should include a staple: trail mix of one variety or another. Archer Farms makes my favorite fall trail mix, complete with pumpkin spice peanuts, candy pieces, raisins, and M&M’s. The mild hint of pumpkin in this already yummy mix is something I could munch on all day (and I did). 

Archer Farms Fall Treats

If candy corn is your thing, then you will love the candy corn trail mix, also by Archer Farms. 

Pumpkin Biscotti with Herbal Tea

To get you going each morning on your leaf-peeping adventures, I highly recommend your go-to cup of warm goodness (for me it’s hot chocolate, herbal tea, or hot apple cider), combined with one of the Archer Farms fall biscotti flavors. If you’re starting your road trip from home, go ahead and bring a cup of tea and pair with the pumpkin biscotti.

Archer Farms Caramel Apple Biscotti and Hot Apple Cider

My fall foliage driving tour was eight days, so we had many hotel stops along the way. Lucky for me, most of the hotels provided hot chocolate and apple cider. So I warmed up my complimentary apple cider using the also complimentary hotel coffee cups, and I had my caramel apple biscotti with me and ready for dunking. This was a real treat to warm my belly and fill me with happy thoughts before hitting the road.

Fall colors

Trail mix does a pretty good job of combining sweet and salty, creating the perfect road trip snack. If you want to add a little more crunch to your snacking, Archer Farms also has a variety of autumn-infused sweet potato chips and pretzels. I am over-the-moon happy about the new flavors, and I simply can’t get enough of them – or the beautiful leaves that are changing. Fall just makes me happy.

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