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With Halloween around the corner, many of us are stressing about all we have left to do to celebrate the spooky holiday. For years I was on a tight budget and needed super affordable costumes, or I had to make them on my own. If that sounds like you, or you just have fun shopping online, then might be of interest to you. Allow me to show you how you can get some Halloween savings.

strawberry shortcake costume

Just a few months ago,, a brand new online shopping club launched. Here you can save money on just about anything you buy, from furniture to food, to Halloween costumes. I did a little shopping just to test out the site and I was pretty impressed with their prices. I was able to pick out Miss Bea’s Strawberry Shortcake costume for around $14! The tights and headband are even included. 

Anna Frozen dress

Because Frozen is still going strong, I’d also point out that you can pick up an Anna dress for just $10.52! See what I mean? Super affordable costumes. 

A cool feature of is that you can opt for additional savings throughout your shopping experience. Find savings in real time when you purchase select items together. I discovered at checkout that I could opt to save a little more on each item by rejecting free return shipping. I could also save another 1.5% by purchasing with my Visa card. To top it off there is a 20% off code listed right on the site, that you just apply at checkout. NOW20. Check back daily to see if the code has changed.

Now keep in mind that the site is still fairly new and is working out any kinks. I found when searching for a specific costume, it gave me the most options when I typed in “kids” at the end of Strawberry Shortcake costume. I learned that from’s wonderful customer support team. I gave them a call to check on costume sizing and they were loads of help. They went above and beyond to ensure I was satisfied with the information I was seeking to find. She gave me measurements and everything, even though it wasn’t listed on the site.

pet costumes

If you like to dress your animals up for Halloween, then you will likely have some fun picking one out on’s pet costumes page. Some funny ones out there! 

So, which Halloween costumes will you be picking out?


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