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The Best Sleep & Dining in Louisville (Lou-A-Vul)


I get so excited when I can cross new cities, states and countries off my list of places to visit. The Embassy Suites team recently invited me for one awesome few days in Louisville, Kentucky. To be honest, I didn’t know much about Louisville, other than it houses Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. My visit was full of information and fun, and I am pleased to show you the best sleep & dining in Louisville, through my eyes. 


Before we get started, I think it is important to know how to pronounce Louisville. Before my trip, I kept referring to this city as Loueyville. My mom kept trying to correct me, but I couldn’t make myself say it how she was. So, I asked several locals how to say it, and I got the low-down. I think the number one way to say Louisville, from what I gathered, is Lou-A-Vul. You can also say Luhvul, Loueville, Louaville and Looeyille. I will not be the one to tell you they are all correct, or incorrect, but there they are.

Louisville Embassy Suites

Now for this great city. First let me begin with accommodations. I am completely enamored with Embassy Suites. The rooms are luxurious and comfortable, and I slept like a baby. I don’t often sleep well my first night in a hotel, but I did here. 

Embassy Suites Breakfast

Some other things I love about Embassy Suites are the breakfasts and afternoon reception. No continental breakfast found here, but meat and potatoes, oatmeal and more, but the made-to-order eggs and omelettes are my favorite. Fresh and delish. The eating area is quite large, and aside from juice options, the Louisville Embassy Suites has one of those 100+ flavors soda machines. The evening reception is also in this dining area.

I have only one suggestion to Embassy Suites guests is to check and double check with the shuttle service, if you choose to use them to and from the airport. While I didn’t have much luck with speedy service from the airport, I know everyone else on our trip did. The staff is all very helpful and courteous, so it’s a win. I also loved that CVS was attached to the hotel – bonus points.

For dining options in Louisville, here is where I ate, and my thoughts on each:

Brendan's Catch 23 in Louisville

Dinner at Brendan’s Catch 23 was a great introduction to the city. Dining options were very different than I expected, as there were many fish choices on the menu. I quickly learned that despite the city’s inland location, they get very fresh fish due to UPS headquarters housed right near the airport. So, I went with the Seared Chilean Seabass and it did not disappoint. The appetizers were divine: Pimento Cheese Spread and Warm Jar of King Crab and Butter – yes please!

Brunch at Harvest in Louisville

Lunch at Harvest was my favorite eatery in the city. I can’t say the food was truly better than the other restaurants, because none of them disappointed, but the dishes were so fresh, fun and I mean – just look at that french toast! We actually ate here for brunch, which was perfect for me because I can’t eat sweet things first thing in the morning. One of the other gals ordered a croissant breakfast sandwich, and let me have a taste – man oh man!

Le Moo Restaurant in Louisville

Our final dinner in the Louisville was at Le Moo. This is a brand new restaurant so it was fun to take it all in, chat with the owner and just enjoy. Okay, something I haven’t mentioned is that every restaurant so far, including Le Moo, has something called bacon jam. Never in my life….but it was like candy to me, and I would put it on anything and everything. I even put it on the pork rinds they sent out for appetizers. The desserts here were especially memorable.

The Belle of Louisville

I thought it was fitting to have our last lunch on the Belle of Louisville. In addition to an easy-going buffet with fried chicken, mac & cheese and salads, we got to cruise the Ohio River. This is my introduction to things to do in Louisville. The cruise is definitely relaxing and would be fun to do with a large group or family.

Stay tuned to read more about what to do in Louisville.

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