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DIY Magical Color Swirling Playdough Powder for Your Little Charmers

Little Charmers
Have you heard of the Little Charmers? In my house, they are kind of a big deal! Hazel, Posey and Lavender are three best friends and “charmers-in-training” in the land of Charmville. They always do their best to use their special magical powers to help those around them, but usually run into a few mishaps along the way! Even when things get a little crazy, the girls work together and learn that the magic of friendship and teamwork can get them through anything! 
DIY Magical Color Swirling Playdough Powder for Your Little Charmers
My little girl loves the Little Charmers so much that I wanted to do something fun and magical for her and a friend! Because the little charmers are always mixing up potions using magical powder, I thought it would be fun to make a magical powder for them to enjoy! I decided to whip up a few jars of magical Color Swirling Playdough Powder for the girls to explore with (see recipe below). I made the swirls in pink, purple, yellow and green to match the Little Charmers’ dress colors. It was so much fun for them to mix up the “magical powder” and play with the the playdough while watching an episode of Little Charmers. 

DIY Magical Color Swirling Playdough Powder while watching Little Charmers
I love this playdough mix because the colors can magically swirl throughout the dough without mixing or becoming an icky colored mess thanks to the secret ingredient, melted crayons. The amazing thing about it is that as the kids continue to play, mold and kneed the dough, the colors actually become more vibrant, swirled and beautiful! 
DIY Magical Color Swirling Playdough Powder
I like to make up a big batch of the powder and divide it into 1/3 cup portions then store in individual jars. In powder form it be stored and turned into dough by adding a little hot water, any time you want a single sized portion of play-doh. 
I also think that these make great little homemade gifts, stocking stuffers or party favors by adding a bow and a little gift tag (see printable gift tag at the end of this post). 
Little Charmers Magical Hazel Doll
After enjoying a the playdough and a fun episode of Little Charmers, I decided to bring the magic of the show to life by bringing out a talking Magical Hazel Doll. The girls had fun making Hazel say one of the 8 phrases by pressing the stars on her dress. They were able to brush her hair and help her cast spells using her accompanying wand. And of-course Hazel wouldn’t go anywhere without her best kitty friend, Seven (who comes with the doll) making it a great toy to enjoy with a friend. 
Little Charmers Plush Owl
The Magical Hazel Doll is a great way for your own Little Charmer to use her imagination and experience the magic of friendship. Little Charmers are the perfect holiday gift, and you can also purchase accessories and plush separately! Visit the Little Charmers website to make this holiday season magical!
DIY Magical Color Swirling Playdough Powder for Your Little Charmers
DIY Magical Color Swirling Play-Doh Powder 
  • 1 cup all purpose flour 
  • 1/2 cup salt 
  • 1 Tbs cream of tarter 
  • 4 crayons 
  • 4 tsp cooking oil
  1. Mix flour, salt and cream of tarter in large mixing bowl
  2. In 4 separate microwaveable mugs add 1 crayon broken in pieces and 1 tsp of oil (the crayons will get melted in these containers. I didn’t have any trouble with clean-up, but you may want to use containers that you don’t mind stains on… Just in case!) 
  3. Microwave mugs for 45 second intervals, stirring in-between until crayons are completely melted. (I found that 4-5 intervals did it for me). 
  4. Once crayons are melted and smooth, add one color at a time into flour mixture and blend into crumbles. 
  5. Once all four colors have been added, divide into 1/3 cup portions and pour into sealable containers for storage.
  6. To turn into play-doh, add 1 1/2 TBSP of hot water to the powder. Blend and kneed until it can be formed into a ball. 

DIY Magical Color Swirling Playdough Powder Gift Tag Printable

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