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Easy and Affordable Online Doctor Visits


Amwell Online Doctor Visits

Let’s face it, most of us either don’t have the time to sit and wait in a doctor’s office for a couple of hours. We do it when we have to, but it really eats into our day. Nevermind if we have to take each of our kids with us to the doctor (for themselves or for us). If your family is like mine then it turns into a zoo in the waiting room, and we leave frustrated and more exhausted than when we got there. Moms don’t exactly get to take a sick day. We simply can’t afford to be sick, but it doesn’t stop all those viruses from tackling us now and then. Not too long ago, I discovered easy and affordable online doctor visits.

Amwell Online Doctor Visits

Amwell has been life-changing for me. I still maintain a primary care physician locally, for peace of mind, and to have someone nearby to care for special circumstances. However, when I use Amwell’s online doctor service I can cut out waiting room time, driving time, and can cut expenses! Visits are just $49!

Amwell Doctor's Visits online

I have been very sick for the past couple of weeks, and already had visits with my primary care physician, the ER, and the lab, when I finally threw up my white flag. I was so sick and could hardly get out of bed for a good week. Who wants to drag themselves out of bed, and out of pajamas, when feeling sick as a dog? That’s when I remembered the Amwell app on my phone, and Dr Wiita. Saved my sanity to be able to get on the app, select the doctor of my choice, and just wait minutes before I was connected with a video chat with my doctor. To be honest, I waited those few minutes from the comfort of my bed. I did sit up and try to act coherent once my call was connected.

After my short chat, Dr Wiita determined I did in fact have bronchitis, and sent an antibiotic right over to my pharmacy and I was good to go. This service is great for a variety of ailments – They even have a psychologist on board.

Amwell Online Doctor Visits

Amwell brings healthcare home, so that you and your family can feel better, faster, all from your phone or tablet. Doctors on Amwell are board certified, with an average of 15 years in practice. They are available 24/7, with no appointment needed. 

A few facts:
Created by doctors, Amwell is:
  • The most popular consumer telehealth app worldwide in 2014 according to App Annie
  • The first telehealth service awarded accreditation by The American Telemedicine Association 
  • The first telehealth platform to integrate with Appleā€™s Health App
  • The only service that allows you to select the doctor you want to see for an on-demand visit

Whether you or your child needs to be seen, Amwell has you covered. Even better news is that I have a promo code to give each of YOU your first visit for just $1. After you sign up, use code BEWELL17 to get your visit covered. Try online doctor visits – I just know you’ll love it.

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