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Embassy Suites, Pie and Sailing on Day 4: New England Fall Foliage Driving Tour

Embassy Suites, Pie & Sailing in Portland New England Fall Foliage Driving Tour Day 4

Much of day 4 of our New England fall foliage driving tour was spent getting from New Hampshire to Maine. You can read about day 3 here, if you haven’t already. It wasn’t a long drive, but day 3 had us pretty wiped out. Fortunately, we were set up for a very nice stay (comped) at the Embassy Suites in Portland, Maine. I don’t believe I had ever stayed at an Embassy Suites before this, but now I don’t ever want to stop! Hospitality is one word that comes to mind when I think of Embassy Suites, and these days that is pretty rare.

Embassy Suites in Portland, Maine

When we arrived at Embassy Suites, I was impressed with how close it was to the airport. This would make for great accommodations if you have a late or early flight in or out of Portland, but it is also within a 10 minute drive to town. 

Embassy Suites Premier Suite Access Vending Machines

The staff was all very friendly, and I was given access to the premier suite vending machines. All the snacks and beverages we could handle for the time we were there. We grabbed some waters and a couple of snacks before heading out to explore Portland, Maine.

Portland, Maine Lighthouses

Before our sailing ride, we drive around the coast tracking down lighthouses. There are six lighthouses in the Portland area, and we managed to find five of them in less than two hours.

Sailing on a 52 foot Schooner in Portland, Maine

I connected with the Portland Schooner Co. and was able to get the hubs and myself on a sailing ride for sunset. We boarded the 52-foot schooner for a two-hour sail, and that was heavenly. I had never been sailing and this was a bucket list item for me. They do put a lot of people on these boats, but there is plenty of room. Once the sun sets it gets mighty chilly, but the schooner was armed with plenty of blankets. Keith and I snuggled in and just enjoyed the ride. 

Sailing in Porland, Maine

If you are going to spend time on the East Coast, and especially in Portland, then you might as well take a schooner ride. It’s a great way to see the coastline, some lighthouses, and the sunset.

Andy's Old Port Pub in Portland, Maine

After our sail, we stopped in one of the nearby bars for a bite to eat- Andy’s Old Port Pub. Dinner was adequate, but I can’t stop talking about their blueberry pie, made with Maine blueberries! I was told a lady from Boston makes the pies for them, and I seriously catch myself daydreaming about another slice. The live music was an added bonus.

Embassy Suites Breakfast in Portland, Maine

Back to Embassy Suites for a spectacular night’s rest. I soaked in the tub first, and then hit the sack hard. Comfy bed, nice pillows and linens, and the snooze-fest began. Breakfasts at Embassy Suites are awesome because there are many options, but my favorite is the made-to-order omelets. The chef was especially fun because for every omelet he made, he had a joke to tell. We sat nearby just so we could listen in on more of his jokes.

All-in-all, a great stay and we loved Portland! Stay tuned for day 5 on the driving tour!

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  • I’ve never been disappointed with at stay at Embassy Suites. So glad you got a good rest to prep you for another day on your fab trip.

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