Skylanders SuperChargers for the Gamer

Skylanders SuperChargers for Xbox 360

While I’m more of a mobile gamer, my kids have been swooning over the video game phenomenon, Skylanders. Each fall, Activision releases a new game with a whole new set of characters, to go along with the Skylanders series. This fall, we were privileged to receive and test the newest edition, Skylanders SuperChargers. Here is what my boys have to say about the new game:

Skylanders SuperChargers uses a portal of power to transport figurines/characters into the digital game. All Skylanders games have this feature, except these new characters will not work on the old games. The good news is that the old characters will work on the new portal of power, and with the newest game. 

Skylanders SuperChargers Donkey Kong

Some new things about the SuperChargers is that you get to race online, and in a multiplayer capacity. The kids love the idea of being able to connect with friends and race via their Xbox. There are 20 characters and 20 vehicles, plus new guest stars from Nintendo – Bowser and Donkey Kong. You can mix and match any character with any vehicle. When you match the two, the vehicle becomes supercharged and does more damage to your opponents. 

Skylanders SuperChargers Keyshot CryptCrusher

As with all Skylanders games, the SuperChargers comes with an adventure where you defeat chaos, but this time you also have the darkness to defeat. As you go through your adventure, you come across different quests where vehicles come in handy. Different tasks require different vehicles, such as for land, sky and sea. Having a collection of different options is helpful for conquering the game.

Skylanders SuperChargers Land Racing

The boys do wish the levels were a tad longer, and wish there were even more to complete, but that just goes to show how much they love it.

There’s the breakdown from the mouths of my ten year olds. A couple of additional features are that the Skylanders SuperChargers game can be purchased for most game consoles, and even the iPad, iPhone, iTouch and Apple TV! So many ways to play. So, check out the new heroes and vehicles in this fun video game for most ages.

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