Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar – a natural way to clean

Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar

When I heard about Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar, all kinds of images were conjured up in my head. I was hopeful that Four Monks were going to show up at my house to clean, but no such luck. Instead I received a fun pack of Four Monks cleaning supplies, including their new pleasantly scented Cleaning Vinegar in spray bottles.

I grew up knowing that vinegar was useful in a variety of ways, other than in salad dressings and for souring milk. In fact, vinegar diluted with water was used for a final rinse on my hair for many years ( along with Breck Shampoo to give me the “Breck Girl” look).  My dad always rinsed his hair with vinegar, as he said it cut down on having greasy hair. We also used vinegar in the wash, on windows and with a splash of ammonia for the floors. And most recently, I’ve begun using vinegar to clean my fresh fruit and veggies to remove any pesticides or cooties.
Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar Sponge

I was challenged to use Four Monks for a week in my home in the handy spray bottles. Here’s what I found most useful:

  • Spritzed my doggie with a little diluted vinegar mist and rubbed it into her coat for a nice shine.
  • Used it on a carpet stain
  • Cleaned the interior of my car
  • Removed soapy film from shower and tub
  • Cleaned out my microwave
  • Removed a hot cocoa stain from shirt by pre-treating with vinegar spray
  • Shined my kitchen stainless steel with a soft rag and vinegar spray ( I was amazed at the grime that came off my stainless steel sink)
  • Gave my glass drinking glasses a good shine with a few squirts and soft cloth
  • Shined my stainless steel flatware 

Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar on stained glasses

But, here’s my biggest success – I’ve had some crystal glasses for over 30 years and they got hard water stains many years ago. I’ve tried various methods to get them clear again, to no avail. I didn’t have the heart to toss them out, since they were a gift. I dampened a paper towel with Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar and wrapped the glasses up in the paper toweling and let them sit for a while. Viola – they are almost stain free. I will give them another go, then start using them again for special occasions. 

The uses for Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar are just too numerous to mention. Do yourself a favor and visit VinegarTips.com and you’ll be amazed at the variety of uses. 

Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar to clean the microwave

Many of us are looking for more natural, non-toxic methods to keep our enviroment safe and clean. Four Monks is the perfect solution for many of these issues.  A few years ago when we had extra family living with us, I decided one of the ways to keep sane was to have a house cleaner come a couple time a month. The crew I selected specialized in using non-toxic, natural cleaning products. I’m sure vinegar was at the top of their list. There was nothing better than coming home to a gleaming home, smelling naturally clean with no chemical smell. 

I’d love to hear how you use vinegar in your home. The beauty of Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar is that it’s designed specifically for non-toxic cleaning in the home or workplace. It’s a 6% acidity solution which is 20 times stronger than traditional vinegar – yet made from food grade vinegar, so it’s safe and not harmful to your family.  I really loved the Citrus Mint Four Monks Vinegar.  Be aware that vinegar is not for everything – don’t use on granite, or waxed wood and never mix with bleach. Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar can be found at Walmart Supercenters in the vinegar aisle. You can learn more, and snag a coupon by visiting FourMonksClean.com.


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  • I have used vinegar for many years with other cleaners too. But in the last few years I have pretty much gone to just using vinegar. It is so much handier and the smell of vinegar is gone in know time. Thank you for letting us know about the company that makes vinegar smell good, but I will still be using my white vinegar.

  • Great! Vinegar has so many great uses as a cleaner! I have tried it as an all-purpose-cleaner once but for short time. Then I came back to the toxic sprays just because they are staying in my closet and it is easy to just take them then to mix vinegar! The Four Monks Vinegar spray looks really interesting and I’d like to try it! I know that if I use natural cleaners it will be better for us and the kids. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m so surprised there has been only two comments left about this wonderful and amazing product. I use it just about everywhere. It has a pleasant smell. I use it on our fruits and vegetables to remove pesticides, bathroom and kitchen. I have even used it on my carpet to remove blood after my dog had an accident. It removed every bit of the blood and didn’t remove any of the color from my carpet. I have COPD so cleaners take my breath away very easily this product doesn’t bother me a bit. I also just discovered that it kills sugar ants in their tracks and I mean as soon as it hits them they are done. I can only find it at Wal-Mart wish it was sold in more places because sometimes they are sold out and I would panic lol. I keep stocked up now. I have a bottle in each bathroom and three or four in my kitchen just in case. It is also inexpensive. Try it you won’t be sorry that you did.

  • “It’s a 6% acidity solution which is 20 times”–nope, just 20%–“stronger than traditional vinegar”. Food grade vinegar used for cooking typically is 5% acidity.

    You may wish to correct that.

    “20 times stronger” than 5% acidity would be 100% acidity, pure acetic acid. The vapors from 100% acetic acid would quickly burn the user’s eyes and lungs. Hospitalization might be required. I know this from direct experience with 60% acetic acid solution accidentally spilled in a factory when its glass bottle broke.

  • Also, the link you posted does not take you to fourmonksclean.com… it directs to mizkan

    Where can we buy this product?


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