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Gift Idea For the Active Kid + VTech Kidizoom Action Cam Giveaway

Gift Idea For the Active Kid
My kids are active! And by active, I mean..bouncing-moving-running-doing from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed, kind of kids! They love to be outside and aren’t really the type of kids who play with toys inside a whole lot. While I love this about them, it can make gift-buying a little tricky! 
I like to find fun stuff for them that they can use outside, but this year I couldn’t even think of anything that they needed in that category. They both have bikes, we have a trampoline, and my garage is filled with scooters, skateboards and rollerblades. So after giving it some (a lot ) of thought, I came up with a gift idea that I am so excited about! This gift isn’t another wheel-spinning toy that will need to be stored in the garage next to the line-up of scooters… Instead this is something that will make all of those bikes, scooters, skateboards ect that we already have, infinitely cooler! Let me explain… 

Kidizoom Action Cam by VTech, for the outdoorsy kid
The gift is the Kidizoom Action Cam by VTech. This fun and durable digital camera and video recorder is made with active kids in mind! It comes with 2 mounts that allow the kids to attach the camera to bikes, skateboards and anything else they can think of and a sticker mount with allows kids to attach the camera to a helmet. This means that the kids can now take videos and action shots of themselves doing cool tricks on their bikes! It also has waterproof case that allows kids to take photos and videos up to 6 feet underwater (this feature is going to be awesome for next summer)! 
Kidizoom Action Cam by VTech, for the outdoorsy kid
The camera itself has a 1.4-inch color video camera LCD screen and can take videos, photos, stop-motion videos and time-lapse photos. I’ll admit that the photo quality is not professional quality, (Photo resolution is 640-x-480, or 0.3 megapixels). However, the pictures and videos do come out clear and all of the special effects features work well, making it the perfect starter action-cam for my kids’ backyard shots. 
I also love that VTech included a slot in the camera for a mini SD card, which I have gotten along with the camera, for extra storage space. I would highly recommend getting a good mini SD card if you are looking to get this camera as your kids are going to want to use it for hours worth of footage! It also has a built in rechargeable Li-ion Polymer battery, which I love for easy recharging. The battery lasts for approximately 2.5 hours of continuous photo taking and recording. 
Another cool feature on the camera is that it allows kids add frames and fun effects to their photos as well as videos! This lets them get creative and add their own flair to their movies! If you are taking the action cam on the road the kids can even enjoy the 3 games built into the camera while they are waiting for for the action to happen. 
If you have active kids, the Kidizoom Action Cam by VTech is a great way to give them a gift that is a tough and long-lasting as they are. It will help them capture all of their bouncing-moving-running-doing from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed moments! 
The Kidizoom Action Cam is available in yellow, black and purple and retails for $59.99.
Kidizoom Action Cam by VTech GIVEAWAY for the outdoorsy kid
One lucky CleverHousewife reader can even win a VTech Kidizoom Action Cam for their active child this Christmas! The giveaway will end at 11:59pm PT on 12/12. To enter, fill out the form below.


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