My “Last Shopping Trip Until New Year” Shopping List

Every year, I seem to be out at the stores a day or two before Christmas, getting all of those last minute holiday essentials and home necessities. It always makes me a little sad when I have to do that, because the stores are always so busy that a simple trip to get 2-3 items takes HOURS! And really, all I want to be doing during that time is fun Christmas activities with my kids and enjoying time with loved ones.

So in an effort to be more prepared this year, I went shopping at Walmart this week and stocked up on EVERYTHING that I need so that I don’t have to go to any stores until after New Years Day! That’s right… I am committing not to go to any store for the rest of the entire holiday season! This was no easy thing, but its such a great feeling to know that I can just relax next week and enjoy what matters most for the holidays – Time with my family!

My "Last Shopping Trip Until New Year" Shopping List

The hardest part of this shopping trip was putting together the shopping list for it. I honestly felt as though my head might explode trying to make sure that I didn’t forget anything! I especially wanted to be sure that I had all of the household necessities in, because, let’s face it, Most things we can make do without, but when it comes to essentials like toilet paper, you really can’t manage if you happen to run out. For that reason, I was sure to add all of my family’s favorite household brands to my shopping list. This includes Cottonelle, Kleenex, Scott and Viva brands.

If you want to join me in stocking up for the holidays, and are about to head out for your last shopping trip of the season, let me help you out with your shopping list!! No need for us both to be racking our brains over it!

So, here is my  “Last Shopping Trip Until New Year” Shopping List:

Holiday Items

Wrapping paper


gift tags


cookie plates

cookie plate wrap


stocking stuffers

batteries (take inventory before you shop of which batteries are required for each toy, there is nothing more disappointing on Christmas morning than not having the right size of battery)



Hand soap

Cottonelle® Ultra Comfort Care


Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care

(I love this brand because it is so soft! It has an ultra cushiony, ultra luxurious, for an ultra clean and fresh feeling.)

shampoo, body soap, lotion

cleaning supplies

Kleenex® Perfect Fit Holiday Canisters


Kleenex® Tissues (be sure to keep an eye out for the fun Kleenex® Perfect Fit Holiday Canisters. It’s your favorite soft and absorbent Kleenex tissues in a cute canister with prints and colors inspired by the holiday season. Honestly, I love to have these scattered throughout the house for those fun-filled chilly days that just make your noise drip. 


Kitchen (not including food items)

parchment paper

cupcake wrappers

pantry basics (take inventory before shopping of basics such as baking soda, salt and cinnamon ready for holiday baking)

snacks (kids home from school means more snacking)

resealable bags/ containers

foil pans

Viva Vantage Paper Towels


Viva® Vantage® Paper Towels (This brand of  paper towels are durable, they save me time in the clean-up department. Their durable, cloth-like texture, can tackle the job when wet or dry. They have options too, including Choose-A-Sheet, which allows you to pick the right size towel for the job).

cleaning supplies


Party Supplies (not including food)

paper plates, cups, napkins

plastic cutlery


game prizes

Scott® 1100 toilet paper ( Because of its long-lasting 1100 sheet rolls, it’s nice to have  Scott® 1100 toilet paper ready for parties so that you can rest assured that your bathroom is fully stocked for the entire party).

plastic table cloths (easy clean up)



art/ craft supplies (to do with the kids)

laundry soap

garbage bags

holiday scented candles

hot cocoa (because it’s the holidays)

popcorn and Christmas movies (to enjoy at home with all the time you saved from not being at the store)

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