Loving Your New Puppy and Not Her Mess

Loving Your New Puppy and Not Her Mess
Woof! My name is Maddie, and I’m a cute Golden Retriever/German Shepherd puppy! I recently found my very own forever home with the Noall family. They are so much fun. They play ball with me, take me on walks, give me cuddles and love to give me love! I do my best to retrieve every stick thrown to me, give plenty of puppy-dog kisses and make sure to keep our home safe from pesky birds and mailmen. It’s a beautiful thing!
Puppy Messes
I’m a little ashamed to admit that I do make a few little messes from time to time. I try to be a good new puppy, but sometimes little messes just happen! Lucky for me, the Noalls love me… Even when they don’t love my messes.
Not all pups are as lucky as me though. According to the second annual Swiffer Cleaning Index, while 93% of American parents feel that having a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences a child can have, 75% of those who do not already have a pet agree that concerns over pet-related messes could prevent them from getting one. Just think, all those people missing out on an adorable face like mine, just because of a little mess.

Puppy Love: Loving Your New Pup and Not Her Mess
Well if you are one of those people, look into my dark puppy dog eyes while I tell you a little secret. You don’t have to be afraid of new puppy dog messes anymore. See, I have been watching the Noalls, and I know how they deal with my mischievous messes. A friend brought them a surprise, and brought me some treats! 
Puppy Love: Loving Your New Pup and Not Her Mess
This surprise, was a “Welcome Home Kit” from Swiffer. This kit contained some great products to make cleaning up my little messes a breeze for the Noalls. They got a coupon for a free Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit, Swiffer Sweeper Dry Refill Kit, Swiffer Duster, and a coupon for a free Febreze product. There where even some fun goodies for me from BarkBox including a Bark Toy, Bark Treat, Fresh Chicken Recipe Food Sample and Food Coupon. There was even advice for the Noalls in the form of a Welcome Home Guide featuring information from child development expert, Dr. Aubrey Fine, on the benefits of a pet for children and info from the Bark folks to make the adoption transition easier for pets like me.
Puppy Love: Loving Your New Pup and Not Her Mess
With Swiffer, pet parents can get a thorough clean in minutes, so pet hair mess (and food messes) never becomes an obstacle to bringing home your child’s first pet. Because all families deserve a cute pet like me, and all of the million of pets needing adoption deserve a loving home like I have with the Noalls, Swiffer and BarkBox have teamed up to make the barriers to adoption – like the cleanup – less of a challenge. Together, they are providing 10,000 Welcome Home Kits to participating shelters across the country to show their support to adoption families. Swiffer will also make a $50,000 total donation to distribute to select shelters nationwide this holiday season to support critical projects that will help more dogs find their fur-ever homes.
If you are considering adopting a new puppy this Christmas, be sure to start by checking out for tips on welcoming a new fur-baby into your home and share your own “welcome home” experiences with @Swiffer and @BarkBox using #ShedHappens. With so many adorable pets ready for adoption this winter, you are sure to find one as cute and fun as me, to make your family complete!


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