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Season of Giving: Sharing With the Women Who Inspire Me

One of my favorite things about Christmastime is that people everywhere seem to be in the spirit of giving and gratitude. I think that it’s also a great time to reflect on the year and remember the people who have inspired and helped you through it.

Some blog sponsors sent me a box of samples featuring some of my favorite mom-centered  brands, and was so excited to share them with a few of my fellow mom friends who have been a special part of my life this year. Come and meet some of the ladies who came to my mind, and read a little about how they have been a blessing to me this year.

My mum: I am so thankful for my mum. She is always there to support and encourage me in whatever I do. She is also an amazing Nana to my kids. Her house is so welcoming and full of love, and her cupboards are always filled with my kids’ favorite snacks. They know that Nana always knows just what they like. That is why I gifted my mum some Pirates Booty Aged White Cheddar Baked Rice and Corn Puffs, to help her refill her snack closet. I love Pirate’s Booty brand because their tasty snacks are made with all natural ingredients, which is especially important to me as a mom of a child who is sensitive to artificial dyes and flavoring. With Pirate’s Booty, I can rest assured that my kids are getting a tasty and all-natural snack.

CSeason of Giving: Sharing With the Women Who Inspire Me


My Sister-in-Law: One of my highlights of this year was getting to meet my new niece, Ellie! She is just the cutest thing and I am having so much fun being a new auntie again. I also love that my daughter adores her new baby cousin so much and gets to excited for any chance to babysit her with me. As a practical gift to Sister-in-law I gave her some samples of Aquaphor Baby Healing Cream to help keep baby Ellie happy and comfortable.

Season of Giving: Sharing With the Women Who Inspire Me


“Jayden’s Mom”: A fun thing that I got to do this year is sign my kids up for gymnastics. It has been so much fun to see them gain new skills and confidence through this program. Another great part about it is that I have met some other great moms to chat with as our kids are in classes. One lady in particular, “Jayden’s Mom” has been so sweet. Every week when I see her she has a huge smile on her face. Her attitude is always so happy and uplifting. For that reason, I decided to gift her some Colgate Enamel Health Whitening Toothpaste to tell her how much I appreciate her wonderful smile.

Season of Giving: Sharing With the Women Who Inspire Me


Caitlyn: This year a new family moved into our neighborhood. I’m so excited because they have a daughter who is my daughter’s age and they have become instant friends. Caitlyn is such a fun mom-friend for me also. I was so excited a few months ago when she shared her exciting news with me that she is pregnant with her next baby. I decided to share with her some Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Cream for Stretch Marks,  to help bring her some comfort and relief during the upcoming pregnancy months.

Who are the fellow moms who have inspired and helped you this year? Take a moment this season to express your gratitude for them with a kind note, thoughtful gift or by just stopping by to tell them they are loved.



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