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Swap the Candy for Cuties

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cuties. All opinions are 100% mine.

Swap Candy for Cuties

With the kids having a three week Christmas break, I feel like all we have been doing is eating! Because it’s the holidays, I’m sure a lot of it hasn’t been the healthiest. I imagine my family isn’t the only one in this boat? Making a complete switch to healthy eating, just because the date says January 1st, 2016, isn’t super realistic. So, I’ve started making gradual changes in my diet, and in that of the kids’. The first order of action is to swap the candy for Cuties.

 Bowl of Cuties

What better way to replace sugary candy than with the naturally sweet Cuties. Cuties are a popular brand of mandarins, and with good reason. I personally find the name adorable, for these sweet handheld fruits. We always have a bowl of Cuties on the counter, for everyone to grab as a healthy snack.

Cuties Mandarins 

Now is the perfect time to make the switch from candy to Cuties! Parents can pledge to join the sweet-swapping movement by simply downloading the “I Want Cuties” song (a play on the classic 80s tune “I Want Candy”) as a way to make the switch from candy to fruit even more fun.

The Cuties Music Video showcases some pretty sweet movies, and we want to see yours! Download the I Want Cuties Song and photograph your kids’ sweetest movies, as they dance along. Share their best movies on social media, using #IWantCuties. If you feel like getting in on the fun, then perhaps you can have your kids photograph you dancing along. I’d love to see your moves!

 Break Dancing

Visit the Cuties Facebook page to see what others’ dance moves are.

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