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Hotel Transylvania 2 Monster Party

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Hotel Transylvania 2 Ultimate Monster Party

When it comes to animated monster movies, Hotel Transylvania 2 really holds the torch. Great humor, family relations and just a lot of fun. As a family, we have seen both movies in theaters, and are excited for the Blu-ray release in January 2016.

Hotel Transylvania 2

In celebration of the release, we decided to throw the ultimate monster party for Hotel Transylvania 2.

Bats on a tree

I got a sneak peek at some of the fun and interactive “Extra features” found only on Blu-ray and digital download, so we took some party decorating cues from that. There you will find recipes and decorations to help throw a monster party that will wow any age. Instead of a bat garland, which is showcased in the extra features, I cut out bats, laminated them and punched holes in the top and hung them on a spooky tree I borrowed from my mom. 

Vampire straws

I personally love movie themed treats, so that is exactly where I began for our monster party. I started with the simple and the obvious. We are dealing with bats and vampires here, so I whipped up some red punch and made sure that every straw and guest got a set of fangs. All you need is red construction paper for a set of lips, and some white paper from which to cut out some fangs. Glue these together and punch a hole through the middle.

Frankenstein Pudding Cups

One of my favorite characters in Transylvania 2 is Frank (Frankenstein). I know many people have done the whole Frankenstein Pudding Cup thing, but I changed it up just a tad. First of all, Frank is more of a blue than a green, and for hair I used chocolate sprinkles. You’ll also notice that he has more of a friendly face than a scary face, so that’s how I drew him. He was tasty, too!

Mummy Sugar Cookies

I have done mummy cupcakes before, but I found an ugly sweater sugar cookie kit at the store, and thought the shape would make the perfect mummy cookies. I topped them with icing then strips of fondant, for that mummy look. Gel icing made for the perfect eyes.

Edible Werewolf Claws for Hotel Transylvania 2 Party Food

My kids are quite fond of the werewolf family, so together we made edible werewolf claws! Totally fun, but also really tasty. I used the smaller pretzel rods, dipped them in chocolate and covered them with more of those chocolate sprinkles. Then I placed a peanut as the fingernail.

Dracula punch

Now this monster party is ready to rock! With our tasty monster treats in hand, we had a great family movie night with Hotel Transylvania 2. I certainly love the many ways we can enjoy movies these days!

Hotel Transylvania 2 Movie Viewing Party

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