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Football-Themed Containers

Tin Football-Themed Containers

With the big game coming up, many of us are planning a gathering to cheer, socialize and eat with friends and family. If you want to have a party that gets everyone talking, you need to up your game. Instead of just having bowls of chips and wings out on the table, get festive and try these punched tin football-themed containers. 

Number 10 Cans

To get your football-themed food table ready for the celebration, start planning early. Begin by collecting large No. 10 food cans. These are the kinds of cans that nacho cheese and other bulk foods come in. Serving nachos at the party? Simply pour all of the nacho cheese into another container; clean the can out really well and you’re all set. Just think ahead, so you can have the cans empty before the big game.

football templates

With your cans ready, now you need to decide what kind of design you want punched into the front. I sketched a football helmet and football for mine. You can print pictures from the Internet and use them as a template if you choose to. 

Tin Football-Themed Containers

Tape the template nice and tight to the front of the can. You can use any tape you’d like, but we keep painter’s tape on hand, and it doesn’t leave any residue after it’s peeled off. If you happen to cut the template out right on the lines, don’t worry, because you can punch the holes through the tape too. 

Tin Football-Themed Containers

Now it’s time to punch those holes. For this, you can use a hammer and nail or a center punch. To keep the can in place, we clamped a two-by-four piece of wood to a table with some hanging over the edge of the table. Hang the open part of the can onto the two-by-four. You get to decide how far apart you want the holes to be. There is no exactness to it. 

Tin Football-Themed Containers

Remove the template from the can and see if you need to make any adjustments to your image. You can always reattach the template if you need to add more holes or designs. 

Tin Football-Themed Containers

Because the can now has holes punched into it, I recommend lining it with wax paper before filling it with food. This can help with any food spillage, and also prevent anyone from scraping his or her hand on the punched tin. Fill those bad boys up, and be ready for the compliments. I love the look these cans give to the food spread, and to me they just say “let’s play some football!”

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