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Healthy Kids Snack: Hearty Party Fruit Kebabs


In my preschool classes this week, love is in the air! Tis the season of heart decorations, passing out Valentine’s cards, candy and a general feeling of excitement from all of the kids, as we celebrated Valentine’s Day this week during our class party. 

This year, I decided that I wanted to take a break from the traditional “pink cupcakes” and bring a Valentine’s Day snack that the kids could enjoy making on their own, and that wouldn’t leave them reeling from tons of extra sugar. I came up with these adorable “hearty party” fruit kebabs! 

 Hearty Party Fruit Kebabs
To prepare I pre-cut slices of red apples into thirds (two fleshy slices and one slice with the core). I discarded the slice with the core, and used a heart shaped metal cookie cutter to cut the other slices into heart shapes.  

Hearty Party Fruit Kebabs I then passed out the apple hearts along with a few mini marshmallows and a kebab stick to each of the kids. The kids then got to make their very own fruit kebab by threading the fruit and marshmallows onto their sticks. 
I was pleasantly surprised by how much the kids loved doing this! 

 Say Yes to the Mess with Swiffer WetJet
They all worked really hard on putting their kebabs together (which was an awesome learning activity for making patterns and fine motor practice). Plus they where all really excited to eat a healthy snack that they had created themselves! Many of the moms mentioned that they had never seen their kids so excited about having apple slices as a snack! That’s a big win if you ask me! 

Hearty Party Fruit Kebabs

The only downfall to this activity was the messy aftermath that inevitably follows anytime a group of little ones are given food to play with. I found sticky marshmallows trails and juicy apple pieces that had been dropped on the floor, stepped on and ground into the floor. 

Luckily, I had anticipated this mess (not my first rodeo) and brought along the Swiffer Box given to me by CleverHousewife and Swiffer. This way, I was able to say “Yes to the mess”, knowing that the clean up would be done in minutes! 

 Say Yes to the Mess with Swiffer WetJet

I pulled out the Swiffer WetJet that was in the box, and was able to glide through the sticky, icky mess in minutes! It was so easy to use, that even my 4 year old daughter wanted a turn cleaning up! My favorite feature is that you are able to easily spray cleaner (that smells amazing) wherever you need it with just the touch of a button. Then wipe up messes, throw the pad away and clean-up is done! 

 Say Yes to the Mess with Swiffer WetJet
Don’t let the thought of a mess stop you and your little ones enjoying this educational and creative learning experience and healthy snack! Go to the Swiffer website to see their entire line of products that allow you to say “Yes to the mess!” 

Say Yes to the Mess with Swiffer WetJet

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